Last nightshift,last night..


December 21, 2007 by welshcyclist

Weather has turned very cold and frosty,I missed my cycle to and from work,because I had to take Tierloch to the clinic early,this morning because of an infection,well that was what had been planned yesterday,but in the end his pal took him.That means I could have done my cycle commute afterall,the bad part is I really missed doing it.Now I seem to have lost the enthusiasm to cycle locally.I used to cycle the towpath down as far as Aberdulais,about 20 miles,round trip,but my new Carrera Subway 8 bicycle,with its slick tyres,is not suited to the towpath,especially when it’s frosty as well,I’d be in the canal before you knew it!So I will have to get my old Raleigh Chiltern out,if I’m to go the towpath route,but thinking about it,the Chlitern’s tyres aren’t up to it either,I’ll have go via the roads.But I must,whatever I do,keep my cycling going everyday,because I find it so benefitial.The major problem is the dark mornings,since I began cycling again,after at least 35 years,I’ve always done it in the early mornings,I’m definitely a morning person.It was great during the summer,but now,when I’m off work,it means I don’t get started till 08.00 and wouldn’t be back till 10.00,which isn’t fair on she needs me to go shopping with her,help around the house etc.,there’s so much,still,to do for Christmas,as well.

Conor needs a table and chairs for his first Christmas with his wife,Anne and her son Jack,so tomorrow he’s supposed to be coming over to take our set from the conservatory,take it apart,or he won’t get them into his house,without taking a window out.It will be interesting to see if he makes it,because he had his works do,today,I had to pick him up from Swansea very much the worse for wear,from drink.He was to meet Anne in Neath,but now they’ve had words and he’s over the road in his house,alone sleeping it off,I’m very annoyed,because,even though they are all grown up,they seem to make so much demands on our time.He’s certainly going to get the silent treatment from both of us tomorrow.

Anyway I’m going to try and fit in a bike ride in the morning,and then do something else with Elizabeth.

One thought on “Last nightshift,last night..

  1. Doug says:

    Keiron…looking forward to reading more about your bicycling adventures. Good for you getting back on the bike after so many years. I took a long break from cycling as well during all of the 80’s and a good part of the 90’s. I regret not sticking with it during that time in my life, but I am happy to make it such a large part of my life now. There are so many positives to riding a bike everyday.

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