Great ride this morning.

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December 24, 2007 by welshcyclist

Got back in the saddle yesterday,did my part commute to work,to do my night shift,took my time,about an hour taking it easy,normally I would do the run in 40 minutes or so.I enjoyed looking at everything on the way,from the swans,ducks,moorhens,to the ship in the dock,being loaded with scrap,and the canal freezing as I cycled alongside.It was funny to see the moorhens running alon g on top of the ice,while the swans were big enough to glide through it.In Briton Ferry,however,there’s a stretch,that doesn’t see the sun all day,here the ice,must have been about an inch thick,no ducks etc.,to be seen.It struck me how extremely poor the condition of the canal is,it is full of rubbish,old buckets,bits of metal,chairs etc.,it is a disgrace,and quite frankly there is no excuse for it to be in that state.The problem is all the morons,who constantly dump their refuse in it,why local people,in particular,don’t have pride in such a wonderful part of our heritage is beyond me,sadly worse it will get,because there are too few who actually care about anything,the”I’m alright Jack”attitude is everywhere to be seen.I’m afraid I get very pessimistic about it all.

The night shift went off quietly enough,and I couldn’t wait to cycle the return leg.My relief came in,and I was soon back on my bike.At 05.40 in the morning it’s too dark for me to ride along the canal,so I have to travel the roads.As it is Christmas Eve,today,the roads were very quiet,it was also very mild,with no frost,and a hint of rain in the air.It didn’t take long for to get into my stride,I was in the mood,and soon was pedalling at a fast rate,for me anyway,and I made good headway in my 7th and 8th gears,dropping to only 5th for the motorway bridge at Baglan,I made it back to the car in 35 minutes,was very pleased with myself,and felt great to boot.

Returning home,by 06.30,I was in bed by 07.00 and up again by 11.00,I hate staying in bed when I’m nights.Had to do some final shopping for Elizabeth etc.,Conor came over and finally took the table a chairs,from the conservatory,and put together Jack’s computer desk,ready for Christmas morning.Keiron jnr got home late this afternoon,and can hardly move he’s strained his back somehow,while Tierloch has done littele else but play computer games on his whatever you call it.

It’ll be just the four of us for Christmas dinner tomorrow,the ham and the turkey are cooked and ready,Elizabeth,Keiron jnr,Tierloch and myself,while no doubt Anne,Conor and Jack will be making various appearances through the day.But the main thing for me is that I don’t sit back and let things slide i.e.,I must get out on my bike in the morning.I’ve decided to take my commuter,and ride the road to Aberdulais and back.I should be back O.K.,to take Elizabeth to mass,and I can prepare the vegetables while she’s there.

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