Lacking inspiration.

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January 14, 2008 by welshcyclist

Lack of inspiration,that’s been my problem since last Wednesday,and my last post.Oh I’ve kept up my commuting alright,had quite a few soakings from the heavy rain we’ve been getting these last few days,and the strong winds have tested me,but I’m happy to say,that nothing the weather has come up with,so far,has been able to dissuade me from cycling.However,as to writing this blog of mine,I’m getting extremely lazy,or to be a little fairer to myself,time is at a premium.

I work 12 hour shifts,when I’m days,I must be up at 04.00,washed,breakfasted and packed my bike and gear,to leave in the car,as far as Neath,by 04.30,then get my bike off the car etc.,cycle to work by 05.15,to take over my panel by 05.30.Then it’s the reverse process homeward,to arrive here by 18.30,by the time I’ve showered,had my dinner,lovingly prepared by Elizabeth,checked my,usually bike related,emails and caught up with my favourite bloggers,it’s 21.00,and on my way to bed.

So time is very much at a premium,consequently I think I’ll only be contributing,if I can call it that,to this,my blog on my days off,a bit frustrating for me,especially as my memory is far from great.Most of my experiences,on my commute,must appear very humdrum and ordinary,compared to,what I call,the exotic trips of the mnbicyclecommuter,and Up in Alaska…etc.Perhaps that also puts me off,how can I make mine any where near as interesting as theirs?

Please excuse my rambling,but the truth is,I can’t.What will help,is to publish some photos of my commute,and the sights I see,everyday,also by venturing further afield,and offroad a bit.That reminds me,I’m getting those new tyres fitted tomorrow at Halfords,I have to drop my bike into their store by 13.30,also my car has to go in for its 60,000 mile service,not too far away.I have to wait about 2 hours,while the car is serviced,then go back for my bike.All,hopefully,to be completed in time for me to get back to Neath,to do my cycle commute to work,so fingers crossed!

The new tyres I’m getting have extra tread,compared to the slick version I curently use,and so should allow me,more route choices to cycle on.I have grown to really like my Carrera Subway 8 bike,which I use to do my trips,to and from work.The internal hub 8 geared system suits me down to the ground,though the 26 inch wheels took alot of getting used to,after my start back to cycling,on the Raleigh Chiltern 3-speed,which even now,I really miss (it’s still available to me locked in the shed safe and sound,but with a flat).Another problem with time,is getting some maintenance done,all this rain,heavy frosts,and road salt,has meant the Subway,needs a good service itself.When I booked it in,this morning,for the new tyres,I asked about a service,but no go until,at least Thursday,this week,so I’ll have to give it a good lube myself,in the morning,and the service will have to wait till another time.Maybe I’ll surprise everybody,and give the Subway a good wash and brush up,myself,I’ve bought the gear required.

So little time to do anything,that dreaded work always gets in the way,or is it me?Commentators are always saying,professionals seem to have more time,that probably sums up my cycling standard,as being,the lowest of the low.You lot out there in blogger land are all the ultimate professionals,whose standard I can only hope to aspire to.

Look at that,it’s gone 21.10.,no I’m not going to bed,I’ve no work in the morning,it’s back to night shift tomorrow,I’m considering having a bottle of cider as a nightcap,a real change for me,I rarely drink alcohol these days.No time I guess,but it might solve the inspiration problem,which brings to mind,the days when,long gone now,when I smoked a pipe.Back then I used to write letters alot,to the papers,to friends,to my union etc.,all the time smoking my pipe,boy I used to love that pipe,and smoking,especially when writing those letters.I gave it up,with no trouble,I still miss the habit,but I don’t think I would,necessarily enjoy a smoke now,though the idea of it is still very attractive.

Talk about rambling on,forgive me all,I’ll talk to you again soon,hopefully about my bike riding adventures,and still minus the pipe,but just maybe a small bottle of cider,who knows?

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