An air of excitement.

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January 27, 2008 by welshcyclist

Haven’t been on my bike now, since Thursday evening, on my trip home from work, and have been missing it, feeling guilty also, at not keeping those miles clocking up. The weather has been great, dry, slightly breezy, with bursts of bright sunshine, more fool me eh?

Today I’ve done very little, in the way of anything, staying in bed till 08.45, extremely late for me, I should have got up, and gone for a ride, but instead I slumbered fitfully, until I finally got up. Had a wash etc., a cup of coffee, and a bowl of cereal and milk, then it was time to take Elizabeth to mass, came home, put the washing out, as ordered, did the ” Great Garden Bird Watch “, a survey of birds, for 3/4 of an hour, returning for Elizabeth, and home again by 12.30.

We went on to Swansea marina, spending 40 minutes or so, walking along the promenade, it was lovely and warm in the sun, but we could feel the chill in the air, when the sun hid behind the clouds, of which, there were too many. The walk made us hungry, so we popped into Sainsbury’s for a cup of tea and a sandwich, which was tasty and much needed.

Driving to and back from Swansea, I saw a good number of cyclists, out riding. Mostly on road bikes, with helmets, tights, vests etc., not my style. But then, what is my style? I ride alone, and I suppose I’m a commuter, pure and simple, shunning company, when I ride, in fact, I am quite dismayed when I see other cyclists going the same way as me. That makes me sound strange, which, very probably, I am, but that’s me. Everyone who sees me on my bike, will recognise that fact by the gear I wear, if I am being kind to myself, it could be described as, unconventional, unco-ordinated it most certainly is, the stylish brigade would not want to be seen with me in their group, sorry peleton.

We, Elizabeth and I, have just had our evening meal, perhaps not just, because I watched the Barcelona game, on the TV, they could only manage a 1-1 draw, against Athletico Bilbao, but it was a great game to watch. Anyway, I’m back at the computer now, with a cup of tea.

Getting back to my theme, for this evening, there’s an air of excitement about me, because I’ll be back riding my commute, in the morning. I’ve packed my stuff, I need for work, in my double plastic bags, which I carry on my handlebars, and Elizabeth has made my sandwiches, which I ravenously devour, after my arrival and quick wash at work. A few hours after that I’ll be just as hungry again. Cycling makes me so hungry, it’s untrue, if I could cut down on my intake, I’d lose weight, very quickly, but it’s a willpower problem, and as nowadays, I feel so great, more energetic etc., I don’t see the need.

Despite the fact, that my cycling exploits, seem so tame when compared with the blogs I read, such as ” mnbicyclecommuter “, ” up in alaska “, and ” fat cyclist “, I still feel very proud of what I do. I’ve read all three, of those blogs today, enjoyed every bit of them, as well. As time goes on, maybe I’ll become a better cyclist, as well as a better blogger, you never know.

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