Enthusiasm flagging?


April 12, 2008 by welshcyclist

1st April was my last post, yet I’ve had some time on my hands since then and now, but I’ve avoided sitting down and posting to this blog. Why? I think probably it’s because my posts are so predictable, at least when it comes to my commuting and leisure cycling, it’s the same over and over. Mundane when compared with the bloggers I read, such as mnbicyclecommuter, fatcyclist, up in alaska, and so on. Add to that the fact that I haven’t improved my blogging skills, such as including photographs and links to my blog and the picture is very bleak, I have to get up to speed with this medium, so that I can diarise my experiences fully on this blog of mine.

Having said that, I, according to my cyclometer, have passed 1000 miles in total for the year, that’s since 7th January this year, when I fitted it to my Subway 8. This week the Subway was in Halfords workshop, being fitted with a raiser stem, a new and hopefully more comfortable saddle, and a service. The raiser stem and the new saddle have greatly improved the comfort factor on the bike for me, but the gears were all wrong i.e., when in 8th, it felt like I was in 5th and so on, consequently I had to take it back for adjustment. The gear problem ruined my ride yesterday, cycling around all the time in 5th is no joke, I felt like and probably looked like a lemon too. But when I think about it, I was still getting some exercise, but the monotony of such a gear made the ride boring, and lacking in purpose.

It’s now 15th April, I’ve been working nights, for the last three days. I had to return the Subway 8 to Halfords for a third time yesterday, when hopefully the mechanic finally got my gears back to normal. Because of the gear problem, I haven’t commuted to work for the jast 2 days. Friday I cycled in for the nightshift, but the gears were too light, yet again. Ended cycling all the way in 5th, and back again in the morning, took me the best part of an hour each way, when I do it comfortably in 45 minutes, normally. While in ” 5th ” gear, I can’t get above 12 mph..

I’m off now till Thursday, will go for a ride tomorrow morning, and considering doing my commute on Thursday, even though I have to go to Cardiff on the train. I will park my car in Aberdulais as usual, cycle to POrt Talbot panel, change and then catch the train to Cardiff. Only thing I’m worried about is my change of clothes getting wet.

Anyway, I’ll tell you how I get on, later in the week.

2 thoughts on “Enthusiasm flagging?

  1. Svenny says:

    Hey Welshcyclist, don’t get so down on yourself. I particularly like reading the blog. It’s real and unpretentious. Pictures of Wales would be a great addition, but the words are enough.One thousand miles is a great milestone for you. Some give it up after 15 miles 🙂 I’ve calculated about 1400 miles since I started in Semptember. The bike shop was surprised at the component wear and asked how much I ride. It was with great glee I retorted with “I never miss a day”. A few people at work said they’d love to commute by bike but lived to far from work, so I mentioned how you’d been driving part way then cycling the rest. Hopefully we’ll get a few convertees.Nos DaSvenny

  2. welshcyclist says:

    Bore da Svenny,Great to hear from you, it was a surpise to see your comment on my blog, and yes I have felt a little down, lately, but I have to say your words have cheered me up no end. I will get my son to show me how to post some pictures of my rides asap. 1400 miles that’s great riding, keep it up.I’m off to blog some more, cheers.

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