Another beautiful morning


October 31, 2008 by welshcyclist

This is the Neath river, as seen from the bridge
at Dinas Rock.

Got out early again this morning, cycling down the valley by 05.45, it was dark and the stars were out, but a little bit milder than yesterday, still nice and crisp. I made it to Aberdulais by 06.30, and turned back. I’m moving much faster on the Subway 1, I know it’s lighter but I think also, the fact, that I’m wearing cycle specific shoes, has improved things too. Perhaps that helped me on the Rhigos bank yesterday as well.

Cycling back up the valley towards Resolven, the wind blew up and of course it was a headwind, and quite stiff, had to drop a couple of gears to maintain 13-14 mph. Not good news though, as my new Shimano shoes seem to allow my toes to get really cold. After yesterday’s ride they were numb, and so too today numbness was setting in, well before I got back to Glynneath. So much so, I stopped at McDonalds by Cwmgwrach, to have a coffee to warm up. Yesterday, I thought the problem had been caused by the tight fit of the shoes over my hiking socks, which until now, have never left my feet/toes numb. So today I wore football socks, old ones of Conor’s, they are thinner, but still my toes ended up numb. Therefore, I believe the shoes are just too tight across the toe area, somehow I’m going to have to stretch those parts of the shoes.

After my coffee, I did my usual circuit of Cwmgwrach, headed back through Glynneath, then on up to Pontneathvaughan. When I got to Pontneathvaughan, I decided to try the hill that climbs out of the valley towards Ystalyfera, much steeper than the Rhigos Bank of yesterday. It zig-zags up the side of the valley, and I made it only about 200 yards up before turning back down. Then I took my usual route, up the river valley floor, alongside the Neath river, towards Dinas Rock.

This is the Neath river as seen from the other
side of the bridge.

This is my Subway 1, at the gate to Dinas Rock
car park, as you can see, not open yet.

This is a tributary to the Neath river, as seen
form another bridge at Dinas Rock.

Looking down the road from that bridge
towards the Dinas Rock car park.
Not a very good picture, I know, but this is
Dinas Rock, looking over that gate.
Well I’ve got a few pics in, not the best but I hope they give a feel of where I ride, at least when I’m not commuting. I shot them all, as you can see by Dinas Rock, which is virtually, at the head of the Neath valley.

2 thoughts on “Another beautiful morning

  1. Doug says:

    Very cool to see some pictures of your part of the world. Keep them coming. I bought a camera almost 3 years ago soon after I started my blog so I could post pictures. unfortunately I wasn’t thinking about how much the camera weighed when I bought. I’ve been carrying around this heavy camera ever since. No more though. My wife bought me a new Canon Elph today. She is going to use my old camera. It is amazingly small and light compared to my camera.

  2. Abhishek says:

    That is a cool bike route. Very jealous.

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