August 24, 2010 by welshcyclist


Spent some time here this evening checking out what a technophobic imbecile, that’s spelt welshcyclist, can do on wordpress, mainly trying to get a nice layout to present my blog. Surprised at how easy it is, to change things around. It’s got to look good, because the content will leave alot to be desired. I’ve been looking at the stylish layouts of all my commenters blogs to date, and the standard is so very high, I’m in awe. But I’ll have a go, and probably be tweaking it for a good while to come.

I’ve not been on the bike since Saturday morning’s commute home, so feeling sluggish and fat. I’ve not been overeating though, honest. No chance, when I’m off work and under the gaze of, she who must be obeyed, the one and only boss, and there can be only one, thank heavens. Yes darling, of course I meant, “Thank Heavens for Little Girls”, did I mention all seeing as well?

Swansea marina.

Have done a bit of light walking around SA1, and the marina in Swansea, which was followed by a light lunch at “our” cafe, “Twocans”, I think that’s how you spell it. We like the cappacino there.

Can you see the grey seal?

If you magnify the above image of the weir at Swansea marina, you should be able to make out one of a pair of grey seals that have taken up residence, he/she is in the bottom right hand corner of the foamy white water, presumably it’s easier to catch fish, like the salmon fishing bears in Canada do, by the side of waterfalls. I took this shot from the bridge going over the river which also extends over the lock, only about 10-15 metres to the left. I think it’s fantastic to see these creatures, they are huge. We’ve seen them before in Northern Ireland, in the little sea fishing harbours, where they wait for the scraps from the fishing boats. So there is a definite theme, they like an easy catch, or perhaps it’s there version of fastfood or takeaway.

There is a grey seal in there, honest.

The other seal remained hidden amongst the fish steps, is that what they’re called? Obviously he/she had his flippers full, and was too busy to come up for air? I saw him go under, which was confirmed by other spectators to the events. Again fantastic!

The lock.

Here are some yachts and light craft waiting to go into Swansea marina at the far end , the water had to rise about 10 feet, for them to sail in, because the tide was out. Meanwhile the grey seals were still fishing on the other side of the pier to the right, incredible. Let’s hope they’re not there because fish stocks are low outside the harbour and marina.

Well my faithful reader, I’m going to have to cal it a day. I’m determined to have a ride tomorrow, down and back up this beautiful valley that I am so fortunate to live in, will try for a few shots, I’ll have the camera at the ready. Hopefully they’ll be better quality than these in this post, which were taken with my mobile phone camera.

What do you think of it so far?

Cheers for now.

6 thoughts on “Experimenting.

  1. Tim says:

    I think you will need to fill the right side of the screen, look at little lopsided at the moment.

    WE are all technophobes, just at different levels

  2. I like it a lot. The colour scheme works well, the header picture and the whole layout couldnt be better in my opinion.

  3. massivemtber says:

    Looking good matey!

  4. welshcyclist says:

    Hi Tim, Adrian and Clive,

    Thanks for your comments, but I’m dying to know if you could make out the seal in the photo?

  5. John Berry says:

    Has to be said….nope..I cant see a seal 😦

    The blog is looking a lot better….does look a tadge lopsided (to the left)

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