Day 1


October 6, 2010 by welshcyclist

Hard work today, started off OK, but hunger pangs set in about dinnertime, and I’m starving as I write this. Had a hearty breakfast of bran flakes with a sprinkle of mixed seeds, taking a page from Clive’s book, I then had soup for lunch, a very nice ginger and carrot version, with a triangle of ciabatta bread, at dinner I had mixed vegatables and boiled potatoes with gravy, actually forsaking the pork chops that everyone else in the family had.

Otherwise the day got even worse, by myself actually forgetting to pick up the Subway from Halfords, doah!!

I haven’t pedalled now since my commute home on Sunday, which isn’t good.

Cheered up this evening by booking tickets for the Bike Show in Earl’s Court, on Saturday, got them for £10.50 each, normally £15 on the door. If you, my reader, is thinking of going, use the promotional code CSH, when you book, to get the discount. Her indoors and I are going up by coach for the day, also booked those tickets on the PC.

The coach actually drops off at Earl’s Court, but for the trip back we have to get to Victoria Station, presumably via the underground. I’m not a fan of London or the underground, too many people.

When I was 20, I actually had three or four interviews lined up in London by an employment agency, I was an experienced computer operator. I got off the train at Paddington, and went down to the underground, it was about 09.00, and I saw this wall of people walking towards me. My thoughts were quite simple, I can’t put up with this, and won’t, so I turned round and went straight back home.

I then got a job in Cork, Eire, different lifestyle completely, as they themselves described it there, life is half an hour slower, but things still get done.  

Cheers for now.

2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Well done, it does get easier, I promise, almost a habit, but I’m guessing as with cigarettes (I was never a smoker) it’s very easy to revert to the old ways without even noticing, which is what happened to me over the summer.

    You can’t let up for minute, well I can’t anyway.

    I agree about London, not a fan, I only ever go there on my now VERY rare visits to Twickenham. There is no way I could work there. Birmingham is busy enough!

    • welshcyclist says:

      Well I’m on day 2, I got up feeling no hunger at all, perhaps I sleep raided the fridge. I thought I better have something so I had the bran flakes and brekfast sprinkle again. As you say, I’ll have to stay alert to stay on the straight and narrow of sensible eating.That was about 2 hours ago, and my stomach’s rumbling alot, but I’m not hungry. Her indoors is at the hairdressers this morning, then we’re going to Neath to do some shopping, then on to Swansea to pick up the Subway from Halfords. Thanks for keeping an eye on me. Cheers

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