Day 2….Strange?


October 7, 2010 by welshcyclist

Went to bed starving last night, but got up not feeling hungry at all? Strange, perhaps I’ve perfected the art of sleep raiding the fridge? Had the same breakfast as yesterday, and though the stomach here is doing alot of rumbling and gurgling, I’m still not feeling hungry 2 hours or so later, stranger still!

Maybe this is going to be as easy as when I gave up smoking, but I have to remember it’s only 24 hours plus, since I began this challenge to drop a few stone. In past posts I’ve commented on the information I’d read, that people who can give up an addiction easily are brain damaged, or at least their brains don’t work properly. Either my rugby days and all those bangs on the bonce have alot to answer for, or I’ve had brain malfunction since birth. I think I’d go for the latter.

Moving on, I’ve got to pick up the Subway from Halfords, after fogetting to yesterday. The bike mechanic seems a nice guy, and appears to know what he’s doing and talking about. He told me that he had to replace the chain, as it was overstretched, which he could understand when I told him, it must have done 7000 miles plus since last Janury.  The rear cassette was well worn also, so a new one has been fitted as well. £38.98 the lot, not bad for approx. 10 months cycling.

Clive you certainly knew what you were doing getting rid of that car. My last car service (MOT) cost ten times that!

I’m feeling frustrated at the moment, the weather’s been great these past two days and I’ve been without my Subway, really missing the pedals. Trying to spend as much time as possible with her indoors, as it would be selfish to ride off on my bike on this my booked leave, and what’s more she’s coming with me to The Bike Show on Saturday, a real diamond. I’ll have to get her a special lunch, well an extra special soup for lunch on Saturday, I mean I am on a diet!

Oh what her indoors has to put up with!

3 thoughts on “Day 2….Strange?

  1. John Berry says:

    I have been suggesting for ages to my better half that a Tandem would be a good idea….Still not convinced her yet!

    But I continue trying 🙂

  2. Haha, I might be re-thinking the car thing, struggling up Frankley Beeches in a snow storm in the middle of January!

    Keep on with the grub watch, you’re doing great!

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