October 28, 2010 by welshcyclist

It’s been a few weeks since I made the decision to keep moving, exercisewise and finally lose weight. My first weigh in showed I’d lost 2 pounds, which was a positive, but since then I’ve been struggling on all sorts of fronts, especially the domestic. It’s been hard to keep my mind on anything.

I have managed to keep commuting in just the one gear, through windy and wet conditions this last week, though I did find it really hard work on Monday night’s homeward trip, can’t think why? Wednesday I was really tired, had a kip during my nine o’clock break, then nodded off a couple of times during my 12 o’clock break. Those brief slumbers must have served me well, because I absolutely flew home in the evening, took 1 hour 10 minutes, a time I haven’t done in ages? No kidding, I felt really strong?

Work and food is still a big problem, there too long and big portions(self served), respectively. Won’t be weighing myself till next Monday, 1st November. Where has this year gone?

Work is getting me down , union meetings with management haven’t gone well, I can’t write what I want to, because this is so public a forum, suffice it to say I’m extremely angry and frustrated. My haven, I realise, when I’m suffering from my emotions is food.

I think I’m having a rough deal at present, and am somewhat confused…….


4 thoughts on “Confused……

  1. Tim says:

    I could of written this about myself. At the end of the day nobody else is going to change anything accept you. You have to dig deep and keep pushing on. When you are like this you can not expect to be perfect, but if you know and understand where it has gone wrong at least you can maintain some control and slow but surely regain control. It is not easy, it is a damm hard climb but keep at it and you will make it to the top.

  2. You and me both, this is where the battle is won or lost mate. I wish I had a magic bullet I could fire that would sort this issue out but I haven’t, it’s down to the individual and their mental strength. God knows I’m not strong enough at times to cope with this sort of stuff.

    But, as ever you, have folk on your side standing with you.

  3. Nick says:

    Sounds tough, but whatever it is it will surely pass. Sterkte (strength), as they say in NL.

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