No PC hard to keep things going….


November 22, 2010 by welshcyclist

Blogging via my son’s laptop, because my PC has finally given up the ghost. The commute has been getting harder of late,  singlespeeding up the few hills has just so  strenuous, I had to drop a gear. Saturday, after getting to work my left leg, just below the hip started to give me pain, to touch even to sit in the chair. Cycling home in the evening took me an extra 20 minutes, and the leg was decidedly uncomfortable.

Had to take a couple of painkillers to get to sleep that night,  walking upstairs was really bad. Stayed off the bike yesterday, and today my leg seems  OK. I presume I strained something, whether or not it’s back to normal, I’ll have to see how it feels back on the bike.

Saturday also saw me fix a slow puncture. On the way to work I noticed the back wheel feeling “funny”, I guessed that I was on my way towards a “flat”, but I delayed actually taking a look. It was pitch black and I wasn’t even half way yet. Fortunately, it was a slow puncture, which I was able to pump up the once, and it lasted the rest of the way.

Then at work, I waited for my break and fixed it. Sounds simple, and of course it is simple, but I was so pleased with myself, because it didn’t take me that long to complete the task. Out on the road, however, it would have been a different story altogether, especially in the dark.

Being at work on the Saturday, meant I had to miss the rugby internationals, my son Tierloch recorded them for me. So I watched Ireland v New Zealand and enjoyed it alot, same with Scotland v South Africa, and England v Samoa.

Well done Ireland for putting up such a good contest,  Scotland for beating the World Champions, and England for winning. Please note I’m not going to comment on the Wales v Fiji game, other than to say, I’m so very disappointed.

I am gobsmacked that the likes of Fiji and Samoa can give such a good account of themselves, against teams that have so many advantages over them. It would appear that natural ability, talent and physical attribute provides enough to compete against teams that have massive coaching support and copious training facilities. I bet the coaches of England and Wales wish they could bottle the natural abilities etc., of the South Sea islanders.

They are a joy to watch, particularly for the non partisan, but very hard to appreciate while your national team struggles against them.


4 thoughts on “No PC hard to keep things going….

  1. I watched the Wales game, I’ll not comment for fear of being seen to be another “arrogant Englishman” but while I don’t agree with a coach critcising his player’s in public, I can understand why Gatland said what he said.

    As for England, I’ll take the win. Mapasua the London Irish centre was absolutely outstanding in an outstanding team performance for the Samoans. I think the English lads learnt more in that test than they did against the Aussies.

    Just think of the teams the South Sea Islanders might be able to field if all their best players didn’t bugger off to NZ?

    Oh and thank you Scotland for making the ‘Boks angry for their trip to Twickenham.

    Ref your aches and pains, it might be a good idea to start using your gears for a while to take the pressure of your hurty bits. Just a thought.

  2. welshcyclist says:

    I’ve been thinking the same, but I really don’t want to go back to using my gears as badly as I do, honestly I’m absolute crap at it, and that’s why singlespeeding has rejuvenated my commute. What gear to go for, is the big question? I think the fact that I’ve had this damned cough and cold that gave me the added problems of struggling on the hills and my painful hip, we’ll have to wait and see tomorrow when I do my commute again, first time since my trip home on Saturday. If I don’t have too much bother, I think I’ll settle on 21st gear, if that makes any sense, I’m too lazy to count the teeth on the cogs, if that’s how you ultimately describe one’s singlspeed? By the way I’m looking forward to the Boks being “angry” at Twickenham!

  3. MrDaveyGie says:

    I had to give up any single speed’n. Just too hard on the knees. That is a “bad feel” you get when your rear wheel starts to weave around, flats suck, and they really really suck in the dark.
    Keep on rid’n

    • welshcyclist says:

      Hi there MrDaveyGie, thanks for popping in, still enjoying your blog, did a bit of catching up today, your style is cool to say the least. I am confused as to what gear set-up to go for when I get a proper singlespeed/fixed wheel. But I really enjoy singlespeeding, and so far, I’ve no problems with my knees, if it starts taking a toll on them I’ll have to go back to using the gears. Keep enjoying the ride, cheers.

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