Still nothing….


May 17, 2011 by welshcyclist

Had a great ride in and back home from work yesterday. It was a short day, I had to go to Cardiff to represent a colleague, as his union rep, in a grievance against the company. This meant I cycled into work for 07.45,  then we caught the train for a meeting at 10.00 in Cardiff. Fortunately the meeting went very well, and we were out again at 10.30, so we had time to wander a bit, around the new John Lewis shopping centre. It was quite an eye opener, her indoors will love it.

Despite the excellent commutes, I’m disappointed because I still haven’t been able to get any decent footage out of my Muvi Cam. All because I have been unable to get a good mounting position. Currently, I have a good hour or so of film, showing my gloved left hand on the handlebar, and a view of the left side kerb of the road.

So in order to, at least, get some meaningful footage, I’ve sent off to Amazon for the Extreme Sports accessory kit for the Muvi Cam. It should be here next week. Then despite the dangers of ruining my hair, I’ll be hoping to mount it on my helmet, so than I can capture my commute on film with commentary. Fingers crossed !

Back in for a day shift tomorrow, so up early to get cycling, just checked my lights, tyres etc and got my clothes ready etc.. It’s all about preparation, though her indoors would much rather I was decorating this room or that one. Sadly, I’m not into that sort of stuff.

Lots more to entrall you with my faithful reader, but time has beaten me, yet again. Just like my cycling, I’m a one pace guy, whose pace isn’t good enough.

Cheers for now.

3 thoughts on “Still nothing….

  1. tim says:

    I have clipped my muvi to the shoulder strap and on the chest strap on my camelback, the shoulder strap was not to bad but the chest ( strap for me) did not point very far down the trail. I have used the helmet mount but you have to make sure you get the straps that hold it in place very tight and then you have to have a play with getting the angle of the mount correct other wise you are looking at your front tyre or watching the clouds. It is a bit of trial and error to get the right angle. Use a bit of cardboard and pen to record the angle so that when you find the right angle you have something to relate back to when you take the muvi out again.

    • welshcyclist says:

      Thanks for the tip, I don’t use a camelback, but I’m sure I can rig up something. Cheers

  2. Helmets are the best I’ve found. Looking forward to seeing your valley!

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