Alot of commuting….


June 8, 2011 by welshcyclist

Managed to commute everyday for a run of six days, a total of just under 240 miles, plus a local leisure ride of 26 miles the day before that run of commutes, so 276 miles in seven days,  I’m well pleased. Had some glorious weather and some drenchings in that week, but all in all iit was fabulous. I’m very happy to report that tiredness wasn’t real issue, because, perhaps, I’ve finally discovered the benefits of spinnung, whilst on my commute.

I proves what a backward cyclist I am, after all this time, even readindabout this “spinning” method for cycling, that only now ,I’ve discovered it’s merits. I work 12 hour shifts, so by the time I complete my cycle commutes in and out of work, I have a long day, away from home, averaging 15 hours, then by the time I’ve abluted etc, its straight to bed. A run of days meant a real grind, I’d be in bed by 21.00, then up by 03.45., after three days I’d be struggling.

Thankfully its different story now, using my lighter Pioneer Gt tourer, and spinning, has seen my speed increase, ever so slightly, and my energy maintained, with no doubt the use of extra gears, helping. I think also I should factor in that I’m eating more sensibly at work.

Anyway, it’s meant I can stay up until 22.00 or even 22.30 without too detrimental effect to how I feel, and can now manage an extended run of shifts without stuggling all the way home.

The muvi-cam situation hasn’t changed as yet, I’ve recorded a good deal of footage, still haven’t managed to edit and upload to the blog. And I’m still taking the odd shot with the camera phone.

Again I’ve yet to upload them.

Blogging seems to be the real hard work at the moment, or at least to find the time to do so.

Cheers for now.

2 thoughts on “Alot of commuting….

  1. Joberry says:

    I tend to find the cycling actually wakes me back up after a long day out at work…

    My typical day is similar to yours…5am up out of the house at 6 am drive 62 miles to work back home for 6:30 pm,,,then do an hour and half on the bike..

    By the time I have eaten and blogged I end up with about an hour me time,,,

    God knows how people have time to watch television or go to a pub!

  2. Our lives are too busy. Computers and technology is meant to be freeing us up and helping us. The truth is it’s actually making us busier.

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