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June 19, 2011 by welshcyclist

What can I say, life gets in the way. Oh to be free of the humdrum commitments of  life, free to do as one pleases, just a wistful dream I’m afraid.

Still commuting, though the “spinning” comes and goes in splurges, still filming, but unable to edit, and have decided that I have a distinct food problem, the weight is static. and the commute seems to be getting harder.

What is going on?

Yes the commute is getting harder, or so it feels physically. Three days on the trot through quite heavy winds took their toll, and I had to take the car yesterday. No cycling today, but will be back pedalling on the commute tomorrow.

Getting plenty of mileage under my belt, but no rewards in the film or weightloss departments. I have to make do with the best reward of all, actually being out there enjoying the cycle. Those hills don’t get any easier though!

Strangely, I think my self consciousness has some bearing on my problems. Especially with the influx of dozens of riders onto my commute, who all pass me with such ease, I feel inadequate, fat and a pushover, cyclewise. I don’t crave speed at all, but I do feel a twinge of embarassment as they fly by. Annoyingly, its the only time I get a word from them, those lycra clad smug barstards, when they actually do say “good morning” with a feint smug laugh in their voice, as they whoosh by. Maybe I’m paranoid.

I have to admit I’m lazy, sometimes I get the urge to give chase, but I soon persuade myself  not to bother, with ” I bet they don’t have to do a 12 hour shift”, or “I’ve no chance, he/she can only weigh 8 stone max!”.

But with so many new cycling afficianados or maybe dedicated commuters on the patch, it’s happening all the time.

The cheek of them all, riding on MY ROADS! That’s what really beats me up, THEY are invading my space. Honestly, I feel like John Wayne the cattle baron having to put up with sheep herders moving into his territory. “Why, when I came out here first, there was nothin’ here but me and those pesky redskins!”

All these extra cyclists are making the redskins(car drivers) so much more impatient, daredevil, dicing with my wellbeing that is, as there idea of feet become less and less in inches, phew. I deserve a medal, and of course, as we all know, it’s my fault when they get so close to me! Silly me! Yes they are getting duller, doah!!!

Anyway, here’s a few pics of how those swan cygnets are doing.

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