Frustrated more than ever…….


July 11, 2011 by welshcyclist

I sat down this evening to try and improve my blog, widgets, menus etcetera, etcetera…….. As you, my faithful reader, can see, not much progress. I asked number one son to help, but he talks too fast and can’t understand why I don’t get it, first time!

To cut a long story short, I ended up watching TV for the last hour, a documentary about the life of Mohammed. Very interesting it was too, but I’m still stuck with a poor blog set up. Which, as I say, is very frustrating.

So my vehicle to describe my cycling hasn’t been improved.

Meanwhile, however, I can report I’m getting out and about on the Pioneer GT. The back tyre was giving me alot of concern, as there was no tread at all left on it, and the bead was beginning to tear in several places, on the roadside of the tyre. Possibly because of too much pressure, due to over inflation, caused by the fact that my stand pump doesn’t seem to be working properly. Anyway, on my last few commutes, this tyre problem caused a worrying wobble at the rear, on steep downward slopes.

Saturday, I bought a replacement, of sorts, because I couldn’t find anywhere that sold the original XXTREMIS Overdrive Xtreme Protect 700 x 32c, and had to make do with an Armadillo Nimbus 700 x 28c from Wheelies in Swansea. I’m proud to say I removed the old and fitted the new Armadillo successfully that afternoon, and have been riding with it for the last two days, up and down the valley.

My early morning rides have been in very pleasant weather, as both days were both scorchers. I’m happy to say, the worrying wobble has disappeared. Hopefully, the shop’s advice that the difference between 32c and 28c is negligible? Any comments welcome.

Well, I’m for my bed, I’ll be riding again tomorrow morning early, that’s when I like to be out, on yet another leisure ride, been off work now since last Wednesday nightshift, Thursday I start four day shifts, ugh!!

So a couple more hours in the saddle. GREAT!!!!

Even my leisure rides need alot of getting ready these days, I took a couple of photos to show you, but as I’m typing this on my Notebook, I’m unable to access them as I uploaded them to my PC? What a complicated web we weave, and no mistake, am I frustrated or what?

Tread from rear tyre all gone.

New Armadillo


Removing paper from my boots after commute soaking a couple of days ago.


Looks the businessInsect repellent, insects just love my blood!

Don’t talk to me about my Muvi Cam either! FRUSTRATED on every front, except, I’m still out there riding, but I do so want to share my experience with my reader. One day, maybe it’ll all come together?

And there’s more! I only manage to type half of what I want to, at a sitting, because I’m so slow…….Doah! 


4 thoughts on “Frustrated more than ever…….

  1. Nick says:

    It’s not the look that matters, it’s the content – and that’s always engaging.

  2. Looking forward to the pics and movies mate!

  3. welshcyclist says:

    Hopefully will add a couple of shots from the last few days in a few minutes.

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