Beaten by the weather?


September 6, 2011 by welshcyclist

Today, I’m off to Cardiff for a union type meeting with management. The plan was to get up for 06.00, then cycle to Port Talbot, get washed and changed and after a cup of tea and a chat with the lads, in the signalbox, then catch the train to Cardiff.

All the best plans and all that, because it’s been blowing a gale all night and lashing down with rain. If I was just going to the signalbox for my shift there’d be no problem, I just love it out there in the elements, even if I’m soaked through before I, even, get out of the village. Only one real setback to the situation, I’d have to leave all my soaking gear in the signalbox, which I don’t think my colleagues would appreciate, and I wouldn’t be on hand to dry it all out for the trip home, later this evening.

So instead of being out there “soaking”, I like that, up the elements, I’m sat here typing this to kill time, before driving in. Doah… they say.

Have yet to start the Couch to 5K running programme, as I’ve discovered I don’t own a pair of trainers, or is that just a “lame” excuse. However, I’m doing a few kettlebell exercises, at least three times, everyday. I’ve been doing them for three weeks now consistently, and looking in the mirror I can see a difference. They’re exercises for shoulders, abs and I do press ups, I’m up to a set of 20 each time. Some of the lads at work are into the kettlbell workout bigtime, doing three sets of 20 every couple of hours through the day. I think that’s a bit excessive for me.

I believe my regime, is working for me, so I’ll stick at it. My biggest problem, and this is probably my vanity speaking, is flesh around the midriff, that bounces, up and down, when I run on the spot. I arrived after I had a hernia operation, and never left, about 8 years ago. If I could get rid of that, it would give me a major boost. Sadly, unless I undergo liposuction, it’s going to take a while before I see that result. Still, as long as I keep at it, then hopefully, the results will appear.

“There once was an ugly duckling all feathers stubby and brown….” A line from the Danny Kaye hit of the ‘fifties, which, while I’ve been talking has come back to me, along with a memory of mine.

As a boy through primary,and then junior school I was chubby, and quite often got called fatty. Then when I went to grammar school, a transformation occurred, as I played more and more sport, rugby, gym, athletics and soccer. I, as a result of those years of being called fatty, was very self- conscious about my body shape. However, all the sport changed that, which I discovered in a eureka moment.

Myself and my three best mates went to Barry Island, climbed over the fence into Butlins camp, to spend a day there, security back in the sixties wasn’t as hot as it is today. Anyway, we spent the day at the pool, swimming and diving, first time off a high board for us all, when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a window. Me, in my budgie smugglers. I couldn’t get over it, well it wasn’t the “fatty” I was expecting to see looking back at me. I remember asking myself, subconsciously, “Is that me?” I was in good shape, which I kept all the way through school, because of sport, exercise and, not forgetting, walking to and from school four times a day, roughly 3/4 mile each time. 

I suppose, in my convoluted way, I’m trying to say that the key is not just exercise, but being active as often as possible, then once more I’ll be able to see that trnsformation again. Well I’m hoping so anyway, even if this time round It’ll be with grey hair.

So keep pedalling, walking, running, exercising, and only sitting down when you’re tired, use that body!


2 thoughts on “Beaten by the weather?

  1. tim says:

    Please stop talking about budgie smugglers, I am trying to eat my breakfast and that is an image I don’t want to see over my food 🙂

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