I’m so envious of …………….


September 14, 2011 by welshcyclist

Tree down across Ynysarwed waterfall

All you other cycling bloggers, that I follow, have fantastic looking blogs, made stupendous weightloss achievements, and have great self-discipline and self-belief.

I wish you all could bag it and sell it, because I’d definitely buy some!!!

I know it’s all up to me, but I’m a lazy blogger, cyclist, and have very little self-discipline or self-belief. Worse my self-esteem is dropping as I scan the blogosphere and read all these positive achievements of yours. People, just like me, but who have progressed to century, and metric century rides, who also take part in charity rides, triathlons and have dropped copious pounds in weight.

You’re all such amazing people, here’s the roll call of just a few of you.






and so on, (I thought the above would automatically provide links to these cycling achievers, but yet again, my blogging skills have been shown to be sadly lacking!)

I’m in awe of you all.

My journey continues, achievements even targets may be very hazy, but I’m still enjoying the ride, still out there having a go. Yes, it has to be said I’m taking the easy option, maybe I should call myself easyrider, but nothing will get me off the bike now.

Do I write a load of rubbish?

Could be.

They’re just ramblings, which is fair enough, because I seem to be talking to myself, most of the time, on this blog of mine. 

So much for the rambling, I was out by 07.00 this morning did a 20 mile plus ride around my home valley here, here are some pics:-

Moving closer to the fallen tree

One of those trees that won’t be replaced as time goes on. It’s roots eroded by the water flowing down the waterfall.

Here's its roots.


Old treesThe Pioneer GT across the road


Can you see the swans out there on Rheola pond?




8 thoughts on “I’m so envious of …………….

  1. John Berry says:

    I think you do a pretty good job…

    Your corner of the country if far more difficult than ours…we don’t have mountains to contend with (I wish I did)

    Most of us work with computers or are in the IT industry so it is our job..

    Don’t feel down I for one enjoy reading your ramblings 🙂

    • welshcyclist says:

      Hi John, Only just got wind of your comment, it ended up in my spam? Why I don’t know, thanks, if there’s one thing I do well it’s ramble, I can go on and on. Fortunately, I’m so slow typing, that lack of time forces me to finish a post, otherwise my faithful blog reader would be fast asleep.

  2. Mark Shaw says:

    At least your out and about on your bike and with great views too.
    That’s the best bit about cycling.
    With the weight loss I find you really have to be in the right frame of mind, I struggle focusing on more than one thing at a time !

    • welshcyclist says:

      Hi Mark, You are so right, being out there on the bike is amazing, to be able to see so much, in all weathers. After riding a bike as a kid I soon forgot how great it was, Probably grown up things got in the way. I just wish I’d rediscovered pedalling alot sooner. Keep up the anti-smoking campaign, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. I used to smoke a pipe for 25 years, it took a couple of goes, but I haven’t smoked in 8 years now. As far as losing weight goes, obviously it makes sense, I’ve been stuck at 16 stone, from a high of 17 stone 10 lbs, for a very long time, my focus has shifted, I’m crap at diets, and very likely I’ve fooled myself into thinking I’m OK as I am, because riding the bike, commuting as I do, has made me feel so damned good about myself, plus my daily kettlebell exercises, I feel tremendous. So my biggest problem is getting on course to a slimmer me, the others are being a lazy sod, and having very little will power. Good luck on your journey, I’ll be following your progress. Cheers

  3. Mickey says:

    Hi there!
    Look at the positives, your photos are fantastic and so beautiful, you have some amazing places on your routes. Your blog is a great read and I often look in to read the updates as it is well written and interesting to read. I enjoy the blog and thank you for it, keep[ up the great work!


  4. keironcurtis1 says:

    This is impressively done – shows Wales has scenery to rival the best on show anywhere in the UK. They should offer you the top job at the Welsh Tourist Board or arrange for some of its senior members to call around one afternoon in hope to discover how best they might achieve something resembling the same. It’s good too, because it reminds those of us natives who need reminding just how much there is to miss out there deserving we at least take a second look.

    • welshcyclist says:

      I wish I could take the credit for the photos that turned out so well, but these mobile phone cameras are so good, I just point and click.

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