Struggling with the light…….


November 14, 2011 by welshcyclist

I thought, mistakenly, that I was sorted, wrt., pedalling through the dark mornings and evenings of winter. BUT! Saturday, I broke my RSP headlamp.

While I was carrying my Pioneer down the signalbox steps, to make my way home, after a dayshift, it fell off and fell down three flights of stairs. It was my fault, which makes the frustration far worse. A few weeks ago something went wrong with the on/off button, and so the headlamp was stuck permanently on. The only way to turn it off was to unscrew the lens, and leave it loose, yes, I know a disaster waiting to happen. Well, I got away with this practice for those few weeks, until Saturday evening, when I finally forgot to tighten the lens up. Hence its roll down the stairs, while I watched in despair.

Needless to say , “It don’t work anymore.”

The ride home,with just the torch type lamp on the front of the Pioneer, was a tense affair. No real problem through the lit up streets of Neath,but once I’d passed Aberdulais, and was on the B4242 winding my way back up the Neath valley, it was a far different story. I might, just as well, not had it on. If it wasn’t for the fact that the sky was clear and the full moon was shining down, I’d have been virtually blind.

Memory of the road, ingrained now, after what, perhaps five years of continuous commuting, got me home in one piece. One thing I’d like to comment on is the selfishness of the car drivers who passed me coming the other way. They all are unable to switch off their full beam, and seemed intent on blinding me. Everytime, I mouthed obscenities at them, as each passed. Fortunately, it was only half a dozen in the nine mile stretch.

If it hadn’t been for them, it would have been a very pleasant ride, using only the moonlight to guide me.

Now, once again, I have a problem, I simply cannot ride without getting a new front light, that can light my way, as well as make me very visible, on these dark roads.

The combination of the RSP and my torch type, though not great, did the job. What I need now, is a better but cheap one? And quickly!

I had to take the car yesterday, because it would have been foolhardy to try that trip again in the dark. I don’t want to have to drive  again, this evening, when I double back for nights.

6 thoughts on “Struggling with the light…….

  1. bugnut47Tim says:

    We are do things that eventually go wrong that we regret, it is human (or male) nature. Since I started riding again I have a proper headlight type light for my off road riding and I wonder how the hell I ever managed with just a torch style light when I was a kid especially when the battery barely had the power to light the bulb.

    Have a look at this link×18650-57100

    (there are others available, just go to the home page and search for cycle lights)

    A lot of mountain biker users use these for night riding. They are a Hong Kong based company (but now have a UK warehouse). I have ordered from them in the past and had no problem with ordering, shipping (about 2 weeks) and the light has worked perfectly.

    Hope you see the light soon………………..

    • I can now report that I’ve seen the light bugnut47tim, I bought another RSP light, the same, or I should say an improved ver ion of the one I dropped and destroyed.. I called into the LBS in Aberdare, can’t think of its name now, had a chat with the chap behind the counter, and bought the RSP Steradian, with a 1 watt high lumen LED. He said it would do the job for me, I told him I’d be back if it didn’t. Cost me £24.99, sadly, I haven’t been able to use it, because of yet another problem.

  2. I’ll check the shop… brb

  3. disgruntled says:

    Mostly people dip their headlights round here although I find they’re worse around commuting time than late at night for some reason. I also find that putting my hand up to shield my eyes works to remind them that trying to manoeuvre round a blind cyclist isn’t the best idea. Annoying though! And definitely hard work cycling without a decent set of lights…

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