Hopefully, I’m back in the light.


November 17, 2011 by welshcyclist

Cleaned up the cogs and cranks ready for the Halfords mechanic.

Bought a new light, a RSP Steradian, cost me £24.99, I got from the LBS in Aberdare after a chat with the boss there. I described the type of light conditions on my commute, and he recommended the Steradian, and reckons it will do the job for me. I hope so. As yet, I haven’t been able to try it……..

Another problem has turned up. Most certainly, due to lack of preventative maintenance on my part.

For the last few rides/commutes I’ve been hearing a clicking sound as I pedalled, I put it down to my MDR pedals needing a grease injection, I made a hash of the job when I put them on the Pioneer, a couple of months ago, I think. Timescales are a total blur to me, plus I’m a poor bike maniac, which, perhaps explains why, I’m such a slow pedaller.

Getting back to the clicking sound.

After buying the Steradian headlamp on Monday, I fitted it to the Pioneer, ready for my commute in to my nighshift that evening. Had a couple of hours in bed, then got up and ready to ride in. Off I set, looking forward to the ride.

I got about a mile and a half into the trip, when the the chain broke? Doahh!

That meant a mile and a half walk home, couldn’t fix it myself, just my usual intelligent looking act of an  examination of the problem, for the benefit of passers by, and try and save face.

Nights are such a bugger of a work pattern, no time to do anything. I had to take the car, then Tuesday I was too tired to go and buy a chain, so again took the car, then realised that if  I fitted a new chain I’d have to index the gears, I’ve tried that before and got nowhere, so I decided to utilise my BikeCare plan with Halfords. I rang them up, they said to drop it in, and they’d have it ready by Thursday. Wednesday car again! What was really an added frustration, the weather was beautful.

I’ll be picking up the Pioneer from Halfords later today, and hopefully be on a ride tomorrow morning early. I do so miss riding.

The new chain costs £23.99, so that’s £40, I’ve had to spend, this week, on my Pioneer. Mind you the chain has been on it since I had the bike, for how long, at least 6 years ?


One thought on “Hopefully, I’m back in the light.

  1. I’d have bought one of these http://www.wiggle.co.uk/kmc-x8-99-8-speed-chain/ or one of these http://www.wiggle.co.uk/kmc-x9-93-9-speed-chain/ fitted it myself then got them to tweak up the gears, but it’s not a big price difference. Make sure the chain they fit has a quick release link. You can buy them, for example http://www.wiggle.co.uk/kmc-78-speed-chain-links/ then carry them around with you for the next time you have a breakage (as I do). Obviously make sure you get compatible links / chains etc.

    Fingers crossed for you.

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