Nirvana? Close maybe ….


December 11, 2011 by welshcyclist

I’m sat here listening to “Beatles Radio”, never knew it existed. Got a pint of cider in my hand, had a cracking curry, with all the trimmings, for dinner and well I’m feeling fab( just like the famous four ). All in all it’s been a smashing day. So I’m feeling very contented, smug, self centred and so on, can it get any better? YES!! No cycle today, no pedalling for a week in fact.

” I am the Walrus” ringing in my years now, and yes, I know all the words, they don’t write lyrics like what they did then?? Touch of Ernie Wise’s play writing skills there. Maybe I’m living in the past. Why do I enjoy all the old reruns on TV? Perhaps it’s an age thing, 60 plus, an old fart, girls seem to look past you, as if you’re invisible? Though I, certainly do, notice them. Yet I seem so, so ….., when I look at myself in the mirror. Of course I’m only seeing what I saw many years ago, do we all see ourselves that way? Air brushing what our eyes see with polished images of the past.

I suppose it’s the same for every generation, (what did they do before mirrors?), except now we’re all bombarded with the be and end all that is youth, youthfulness,  to be young looking. Is that why I ride my bike? NO!!

Why haven’t I ridden for almost a week now? Because, I’m scared of icy roads( that was one day ), I’m lazy(everyday), it’s been raining(three days), very dark(again everyday), no incentive(been off work seven days), not to forget it’s almost Christmas, and her indoors expects and deserves my help in preparing for it(only 9 shopping days left).  Boy have I missed my pedalling.

Sorry if I’m sounding a bit maudling, I think I’ve been overwhelmed by my ordinariness, Beatles playing, belly full of curry, typing rubbish on my blog, thinking about riding my bike, that pint of cider almost gone now……….Nirvana? Close maybe ….

Oops, stepped up a gear, “Pleas don’t wear red tonight”, B side of the second Fab Four single I ever bought. I definitely can’t get any better than this. But no, brought back down to earth with a jolt now, as Macca sings one of his dodgy solo efforts. Still Nirvana can’t be too far from this moment in time, a couple of moments ago, maybe.

That’s loads better, “If the rain comes”, I only need “And my bird can sing”, and I’ll be ready for bed.

Cheers everybody, everywhere, “All you need is love”

11 thoughts on “Nirvana? Close maybe ….

  1. Tim says:

    You sound like me, when I look in the mirror I see the same person I have always seen, Ok I have some grey hair (ok a lot) and a few lines on my face but I am still young at heart. Saw a picture of myself holding my nephew (he was about 6mths old, he is now mid 20’s) many years ago, boy that was a shock to the system. I still feel young at heart, I have to stop and remind myself of the fact sometimes. The other problem with getting old is that you don’t bounce so well when you fall off your bike and take a lot longer to mend.

  2. Icy roads…. what you need are these:
    Buying them this time of year can be tricky though and if real ice or snow comes, they’ll all be gone before you have time to think to order. Best to buy or pre order before winter comes. My advice is buy now if you can find any.

  3. I go back about that far as well. Its amazing how you can sing along knowing all the words after all these years. If someone asked you what they were five minutes before they came on you would struggle, but as soon as they start to play they all come flooding back. I know how easy it is is to find a good reason not to cycle at this time of year. I dont like the ice. Last week had a puncture half way to work, so had to walk the rest of the way. Trying to walk in cleats on icey pavements “nice”. I have also changed over to winter tyres, so I have a little more grip. Its like riding a bike through porrige. The muscles in the top of my legs ……….. the long and winding road.

    • welshcyclist says:

      Don’t mention the P word! I can’t walk on ice in my winter boots, let alone on cleats! I’m afraid once the snow/ice is about my commute will be mothballed, till it clears. I keep meaning to set up my turbo trainer, it still needs to be done. I’m hoping to commute tomorrow though. Cheers.

      • Snap, winter tyres fitted on Sunday, yesterday got a P in the sidewall, not sure how, must have hit a pothole pretty hard. Fortunately I was only a mile from work and it was a slow P, so I pumped it up a couple of times and got to work OK. Any further from work and I’d have fixed it at the side of the road, didn’t seem worth it this time though.
        When the ice comes you’ll want to rid yourself of clipless pedals, much safer to have flat pedals and wear hard soled boots or trainers.

  4. Nick says:

    Hi Keiron

    Nirvana, I think, comes in many forms, none of them in fact ordinary, and yours certainly strikes a chord with me – must be an age thing, I guess. Hope it lasted once you woke up the following morning.

  5. Nick says:

    Happy Christmas Keiron.

    • Same to you Nick, happy to say I had another nirvana moment this morning, first time riding my bike in a week, heavy drizzle of rain falling, soaked to the skin, riding around this beautiful Vale of Neath. It would take alot to beat that!! Have a great New Year!

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