Happy New Year to my reader…


January 2, 2012 by welshcyclist

Christmas has come and gone, thankyou to Tierloch, my youngest son, for the present of an Electron Terra 2 light set. What a difference it has made on my commuting already.

Pinched a nerve in my neck last week, now have a numb left index finger, and my left arm aches when I turn my head to the right. Something to do with “the neck bone being connected to the backbone,” as the song goes, but it is annoying. The only way I seem to forget, and thus, not feel it, is when I’m riding the bike. As if I needed the excuse.  

This mild weather is simply great, two weeks ago I thought I’d be off the Pioneer GT for a spell, as the icy conditions set in. This week, if I commute for the remainder of the week, I’ll do 180 miles, albeit very wet ones. But I can cope with that, what’s more my speed seems to be picking up.

Even passing other cyclists this week, one was pushing his bike, still one out of two isn’t bad. I had to keep looking back ,to see if the one pushing, was catching me up! 

Made a few resolutions for 2012, as “Ditch the treadmill'” latest blog post states, they were boring until I spiced them up with resolutions to take up skipping, and to do a bike mechanic’s course this year.

Great to have pedalled into 2012, long may the mild weather continue.

Cheers reader.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year to my reader…

  1. Happy new year to you my friend. Glad to see you have managed to cycle through the Christmas period. I am sorry to say I can’t say the same. I pedelled in this morning the first time since we closed for Christmas on the 23rd December, then it was chucking it down with rain. Today it was a head wind and rain, the joys of cycling in Britain. Anyway will settle for the rain rather than snow and ice. I have managed to sign up to your block finally, our firewall doesn’t like your site for some reason. So its head down and get some weight back off again for me, it will probably get my diabetes back under control as well. All the best.

    • Hi there Robin, Software nor humans seem to like my blog, visitors are rare, I keep meaning to try and make it more attractive,but, when it comes down to it content has alot to do with it. Most of my posts are quite mundane and everyday, still I keep plugging away. Hope you get on top of the diadetes, and keep pedalling. Thanks for dropping by, cheers.

  2. Happy New mate, been visiting, just too bloody lazy to comment! Sorry about that, I’ll do better!

    • welshcyclist says:

      Glad you’re still visiting and commenting Clive. Good to see you’re getting back to your old self, after the turmoil of your build up to Christmas. Keep your posts coming. Cheers.

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