At last, back on the bike….


February 13, 2012 by welshcyclist

It’s been a fortnight since my last ride on the Pioneer. I’ve been moaning about my aches and creaks, because no pedalling. Tonight it’s the reverse. I went out this morning just after 08.00., and had a good  couple of hours in the saddle. Nothing special about my route, just the usual loop down the B4242 as far as Ynysarwed via Cwmgwrach and back home, probably 18 miles tops.

The weather was damp with a cold drizzle falling, for the most part, and the road was very quiet, no doubt due to it being half term.Only saw one other cyclist, a chap I see regularly, we always wave at each other, but have never spoken, it must be his body language that suggests it isn’t appropriate. Either that or he thinks I’m far too grand for him to speak to me (lol).

It was just an easy going pedal, nothing fast (me?). Anyway, my knees and joints were feeling the strain, as they have complained while off the bike this past week. Surprisingly, the hills weren’t too bad, I was up out of the saddle, got into a nice rhythm, made the top, no problem. Probably, because I was taking it so easy, but can’t say I was relaxed, as the joints etc., were acting up. Hopefully that will ease, and I’ll be back to normal, if I can keep pedalling regularly, I’m off till Friday.

Can’t say I’ve any real excuses for the extended lay off. Yes, initially there was plenty of  ice about, but it’s been the “fear” of the stuff that kept me indoors. I nearly didn’t get out there this morning, almost convinced myself it could turn to freezing rain. Temperatures were 9 plus centigrade, so I’m glad to say no such problem arose.

I can report that I saw something I’ve never seen before. I’ve seen a green one, and several lesser spotted ones, but never a Greater Spotted one. I mean, of course ,the type of woodpecker. Today I broke my duck (no pun intended), and spotted the Greater Spotted fly across the road ahead of me, just past Cwmgwrach washery. It landed on the side of a tree in the classic woodpecker pose. As I got closer it spotted (sorry, so many spotteds) me, and flew to the next tree. It did thie three times, by which time I’d identified it as the Greater spotted variety, then it flew off into the woods out of sight.

So that’s another species of bird I can tick ,on my to see list.

Overall then a great spot of twitching and cycling, worth the aches, pains, and stiffness that I’m putting up with now, not helped by the half hour walk her indoors took me on this afternoon. Still gotta keep that body moving!!

One thought on “At last, back on the bike….

  1. tootlepedal says:

    That sounds like a really good day out.

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