Struggling here…..


May 9, 2012 by welshcyclist

Failed miserably to get any cycling for the last four days now, problems with the gearing, rear cassette kept slippng, making it hard going, so much so I ended up with sore knees and achilles tendonitus in both my heels, after my last ride home from work, last Saturday.

I had a go at fixing the problem by myself on Sunday. I watched a very instructive video on Youtube, a couple of times, so felt I knew what I had to do. It was tipping down outside so I had to attempt re-indexing the gears in the ultra confined space of my shed. I was getting on great until I unscrewed the adjuster barrel all the way out, and because I’d disconnected the gear cable, I had to try to rethread it, which caused the cable to fray and split. Ended up having to get a new cable, and as I already have a BikeCare agreement with Halfords, I decided to have them do it.

When I took out my latest agreement, for THREE YEARS, with them, all I received was a till receipt. I rang the local Halfords to book my bike in for repair, they said I would have to produce that till receipt, I explained that I no longer have it, and said that they should have a record of it on their computer? The reply was negative? I rang Halfords head office, explaining that the situation was ridiculous, to which I got the reply they wouldn’t be able to cope if they backed up all their agreements on computer??? What a load of rubbish!!!!

I took my bike to the local Neath store (Halfords), and spoke to the staff, and they agreed that they had a record of my agreement on their computer, and didn’t know who I could have been talking so. They took the Pioneer in and I was able to pick it up that evening witha new gear cable and re-indexed. I’ve had to adjust the barrel adjuster at the rear, slightly, because, a couple of gears were still slipping. That was a couple of weeks ago now, and I’m glad to say I’m back commuting regularly.

My tyres have been giving me some concern of late, so I started looking on Ebay for some bargains, and very glad to say, I found some. I got some very good tyres for a knock down price. £35 for a pair of Continental tour reflex something or other. I had a pair direct from the welsh suppliers gratis for my Subway LTD, but they were 26″, the Pioneer is 700c, so I was well pleased, plus I picked up a third for £17…… or what? I should be OK in the tyre department for a good while?

I haven’t replaced any yet, though the front Maxxiis Overdrive, I’ve had on the front has been there since I got the bike seven years ago, what a tyre. I woud have loved to have got the same again, but at clos on £50 each, it wasn’t an option.

The commutes, have been really enjoyable, though on occasion very tiring, One such was a week last Wednesday, I cycled to Port Talbot, then had to cath the train to Tile Hill, near Coventry, on union business. Didn’t get back to Port Talbot till 19.30, then cycled home, I was pooped.

Biggest problem for me is I miss my cycle ride so much, if I take the car, a bit like a small child, who can’t have his sweets!

Cheers for now.

3 thoughts on “Struggling here…..

  1. I remember those horrible deraileur things, yuck!
    Did I mention I’ve never had to re-index my gears? I just wish they were cheaper!

    Glad to hear you got Halfords sorted and they fixed up your bike. To be fair you probably use your bike a heck of a lot more than the average Halfords customer.

    My tyres at the moment are Schwalbe Marathon Original GreenGuard (since the Marathon Pluses are just too expensive and heavy), anyway at less than £20 each new they seem good value.

    I took a day off last week to finish building bluebell rather than drive to work all week, so yes, I feel the same way about being bike-less (my shopping bike doesn’t count).

  2. welshcyclist says:

    I have trouble maintaing one bike let alone two!

    • I avoid using the shopping bike so, other than putting air in the tyres, I don’t have any maintenance to do on it.
      Given my mileage I don’t do a lot of maintenance at all, I put that down to my main bike being a reliable workhorse.

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