Away too long, just no self-discipline…….. but I still have dreams.


September 26, 2013 by welshcyclist

I continue to carry on with my, now, accustomed lazy habits.

Not cycling enough.

Failing to post to this blog of mine.

Letting things slide in general.

I always used to be so very good at getting up early in the mornings. Yes, I get up when I have to, I still have to work, and will do for a long time to come. But when I’m off shift, I’m disappointed to confess, I stay in bed till 09.00 a.m. Am I just getting old?

Perhaps I like my bed too much these days. I’m invariably in bed by 10.00 p.m. whether working or not.

Riding my bike is, by far, my favourite activity. I try to commute by bike as often as I can, the weather or getting up on work days doesn’t bother me at all. Otherwise, I rarely cycle during leisure time, whereas, I used to ride virtually every day, down and back up this beautiful valley that I have the good fortune to live in. When I’m off work I will cycle to the shops and back, if “her indoors” requires anything.

So the attraction of riding the bike hasn’t left me, but perhaps has become a little jaded. I long to go on a cycle tour, but commitments, and finances prevent such a trip from being planned. On top of that, would I have the courage to go it alone? When I read other young men and women’s blogs, who are out there living their dream, I feel almost cowardly that I haven’t just dropped everything and gone.

I read cycle touring advice blogs, and get myself more and more frustrated.

Basically, I am trapped in my commitments and circumstances. A win on the lottery would help, but even with no financial pressure, would I take to the road? It’s a question I can’t honestly answer.

Recently, I’ve been reading a new blog (to me), Alex’s cycle. Twenty-one and he’s already cycled around Europe etc., I am so envious! But he put forward a tremendous idea, via his blog, pinched from yet another. “Micro adventures”.

Just a short cycle somewhere different, stop over night and then cycle home again. Not a lot of planning etc., but would provide a real taster of life on the road.

Now have I got the gumption for that? Or will I continue umming and ahhhing with this life long pal of mine, PREVARICATION!

I’m now going to be somewhat negative, yes me! But all these cycle tourers, how do they keep going moneywise? Some have been travelling for years. Steven Fabes has admitted recently in his blog that he’s just about run out of money to keep going. He’s been at it for the past three and a half years, while “Cycling the Six”, catch his blog cyclingthesix , no idea where the legions of others get their money from, including Alex, mentioned earlier.

Here in this valley we have our own long distance cycler, Neil Baker of who, over last winter and into this year, cycled from Argentina to Alaska solo. He funded everything himself, and he did it to raise money for a local hospice, Ty Hafan in Swansea. He could do with some donations as well for the hospice and it’s wonderful work. Visit his site, and get an idea of what he went through, obviously made of very stern stuff.

I don’t have that kind of time available to me, but a micro adventure………maybe. I have dreams, I want to live them not dream them. So here’s to getting up early every day except when I’m on nights…..ugh!


2 thoughts on “Away too long, just no self-discipline…….. but I still have dreams.

  1. Hope you do go, try just taking food and a stove and go a short way, if you enjoy then next time pack camping gear and go a bit further from home.

  2. tootlepedal says:

    Live the dream as they say.

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