Every day’s commute is different?


March 9, 2015 by welshcyclist

I presume this is the same for all commuters, no day is the same? From the traffic, drivers, weather, time taken, how one feels, different levels of elation, all these and more, to the one I feel now and then, tiredness.

Some days, no matter the weather, I feel like I’m flying, moments that are soon put into context when a suited and booted roadie flies past me, as if I were stood still. That doesn’t bother me too much, except when they do so while climbing a hill! Boyoe, then it really hurts! A couple of days ago, a typical roadie flew past me, and then 10 minutes or so later another one, in total aero dynamic mode hissed past me, arms stretched forward on aero handlebars, wearing, what looked like a plastic gladiator helmet. A few minutes later, both were still in sight, on the straight road ahead, and I had the distinct pleasure of watching the first one being passed, as if he was stood still by the aero dynamic gladiator, and on a hill as well!!

That pleasure didn’t last though, I then struggled up the same hill, as I usually do.

Every commute is different for me, some pleasant some distinctly not so. Sometimes I am just tired, and struggle, but, still I do it? If I don’t commute on my bike, my day is decidedly worse. Sometimes, I am tired mounting my bike for the journey home, but that tiredness doesn’t last long, I still struggle on the hills, but when I get home I sleep so much better.

This last week I had the chance to commute in and back for four day shifts, I only managed three. On the third morning I overslept, so it was too late to pedal. That day felt much longer, and strangely, I was absolutely wrecked in the evening. Doesn’t seem to be logical, but I believe there’s a simple answer. Physical effort is good for me, and everyone, and is both tiring and refreshing,at the same time, especially when that effort is on a bike (for me).

What does my faithful reader think?

3 thoughts on “Every day’s commute is different?

  1. tootlepedal says:

    Physical exercise stimulates serotonins. I am getting gloomy after a three month lay off because of my knee and then bad weather.

    • welshcyclist says:

      Hi there tootlepedal, sorry to hear you’re still having to lay up with the knee problem and ugh! that bad weather. We’ve been lucky here as far as weather is concerned, I am very glad to say, so my serotonins are in fine form. Explains my elation while cycling, so they must be released even when pedalling very slowly? Looking at the weather foercast on “Countryfile” last Sunday evening, it seems you’re still in for a bit of adverse weather, so patience and perhaps that turbo trainer needs to be set up again? I woke up to a very bad frost today, so skipped the pedal, literally. I bought a skipping rope several years ago, you know the kind of purchase, made with the best of intentions, to eventually be able to skip like a pro boxer. Like all such purchases, exercise books and so on, they were hidden in my shed. Well last week, I decided to retrieve said skipping rope from its very early retirement, and I’ve been doing a couple of minutes here and there, out of sight of prying eyes obviously. Gets me breathless and quickly, but I’ve been persisting, and my rope skills are building. The excellent news is my left knee, is holding up well to this bodyweight type of exercise, which has even got me thinking about the possibility of jogging? I ask you, it’ll be swimming next? My aim is to skip like a pro, so it’s going to be a very long road, hopefully with plenty of serotonins along the way? Cheers, and good luck on that road to recovery, spring is here honest! So that road will brighten up for you soon. Thanks for looking in. Cheers again.

      • tootlepedal says:

        Swimming is very good and non stressful but skipping is great fun. I used to enjoy skipping but it is too damaging to my fragile back to do it now. Take care.

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