Where does the time go?


June 17, 2015 by welshcyclist

It is a very long time since my last post. There was a time when I used to post regularly, that was years ago. I still ride my bikes, mainly for commuting to and from work. I still see many things, and have thoughts I want publish in this blog, as I pedal, but time? Where do I get more to fit everything in?

Professionals, footballers, rugby players, the best ones anyway, have time on the ball, and seem to have more of that fleeting luxury, called time. Professionals, such as solicitors, doctors etc., organise their time, so that they have slots for this, that and the other (no, not that!).

Do I need to get a life coach? I sincerely hope not!

At least, now, I’m sat here at my notebook, and I’ve started my rambling.

I am pleased to say my gadgetry has improved, I have a new phone, a complete marvel, with all the apps available, I can record my steps, bike rides, favourite songs, even films, navigate from place to place and so on, and on, and on….. I have a new cycle computer, that my son, Tierloch bought me for my birthday as well.

Incredible as it is, I prefer my cycle computer, to my phone. Why? Because it only has the basic functions, whereas with the phone, I just have too much available, I don’t know where to start. It is very easy to see why people get so addicted to their phones, tapping away at them at every opportunity.

However, that hasn’t stopped me looking for cheap charging devices and phone mounting gizmos, to put it on my bike, so that I can “Map my Ride” etc..

So, yes, for me the phone first and foremost is just that a phone, and the extra possibilities are geared toward it’s use as a tool on my bike. Change comes slowly as far as I’m concerned though. I had my previous phone for six or seven years, now, the new one has so much to offer, it’ll take me years to completely explore all the possibilities. Add to that, new applications are being introduced, it seems everyday, so it could be a journey that never ends. Safe to say, I don’t think I’ll ever catch up. (Yes, I’m still being passed by just about everyone who rides a bike)

So watch this space for published statistics produced first by my cycle computer, and later, as I get into how to set it up, my phone.

Ahem, I still have to find that time to do all this. Where is that life coach? Just a minute, there’s bound to be an app on my phone for that?

6 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

  1. tootlepedal says:

    Strava is very good and easy to use.

  2. Sometimes we lose the interest, to be honest, I’ve not done anything other than commuting, so have nothing fun to blog about. And breaking another back wheel isn’t something I wanted to blog about until I get my bum in gear and get it fixed. Fortunately I have a spare.

    • welshcyclist says:

      Extremely bad luck breaking two back wheels, how did that come about? I had to replace my back wheel a little while back, I discovered, well a Tredz mechanic actually showed me, my rims were shot? I haven’t lost interest in blogging, I honestly run out of time, all the time, if that makes sense? Get that bum in gear, and get it fixed. I’m glad to say I am making some progress as a mechanic, taking things apart and putting them back together whilst fitting a new part, I love it, but I take ages, and because I don’t get repeat jobs doing the same thing, by the time I come round to do it again, I’ve forgotten again, how to do it. Hopeless case eh? Good to hear from you. Cheers.

      • I’ve no idea, I had a broken spoke and the rim is warped in the wrong way, so when I apply the brakes the wheel locks up instantly even though it is true! Unfortunately it is right on the join, so not much chance to bend it back myself.

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