Got my act together today, well a little bit, anyway.


February 23, 2016 by welshcyclist


Finally managed to get a bit active today. I cycled to our local gym, “Train Station”, I became a member on 1st February, went once, and had not been back till today. Man flu, an infected limb, work and two of my sons’ moving out, all contrived together to stop my attempt to get a little bit healthier and fitter.

I felt a little apprehensive, expecting to see, all lithe and muscular bodies about the place, but I had asked for the quietest time, and had been told 08.00 – 09.00 was my best bet. So it proved to be, there were four other fitness fanatics in attendance, ladies of a certain age, all striding out on cross trainers. I had decided to have 10 minutes on such a machine, and so mounted a not so grand version as the ones they occupied a couple of machines away to the left of them. I didn’t want to crowd them with my undoubted machismo.

Well, I had trouble getting the thing up and running, but a combination of intelligent guesswork, and pressing this button and that, and suddenly the dashboard lit up. I was able to set a time and level of difficulty, basically a flat landscape, for me to traverse and I was away. Ten minutes, was suddenly a long time, and even sooner, I was red faced and sweating, Meanwhile those ladies of a certain age were still striding athletically chatting away, as if under no strain whatsoever? Finally, my 10 minutes were up!

I dismounted the contraption, not exactly light headed, but wanting a sit down.

So I made for a spinning machine, a stationary bicycle. With all my cycling experience I considered this would be my forte, allowing me to recover from my exertions on the cross trainer. First, I had to adjust the machine to fit me, which, I believe I made look so easy, I do ride regularly. So then I mounted this new machine, adjusted it to a level of difficulty, I believed would give me a bit of a workout, again looking at 10 minutes.

Almost immediately, one of those ladies of a certain age, mounted a spinning machine in front of me, and she started to pedal at a good rate, she was flying. Me, I was giving it my best, but it was hard work, and once again I was sweating, dripping from my forehead onto the machine itself in puddles. That lady in front of me was spinning away to her heart’s delight, me, I was grinding it out, as if I was struggling up a rather too long hill. Again, 10 minutes is a long time, the minutes simply refused to tick by, and it was so boring, compared to being out in the fresh air aboard my Pioneer. I was extremely grateful to see 9.59 tick over to 10.00 minutes, and I gingerly dismounted the stationary bicycle. While that lady of a certain age was still spinning on the road to nowhere, what’s more, she didn’t appear bored, as I had found the experience, perhaps exhaustion is the real reason for my boredom?

Next, I disappeared into the fitness suite, away from the gaze of other gym users, basically to recuperate. While in there I had a go of what’s called the battle ropes, and full body weight exercises on the TRX, long belts that take one’s weight while, attempting to do squats, arm curls push ups, etc. As a finale, I put on some boxing gloves and spent a couple of minutes punching a punch bag, the bag won on a technical KO!

Boy was I beat, I left, leaving those ladies of a certain age still at it.

Now outside, I did the sensible thing, got on my Pioneer, and started a gentle pedal, around the village and on up to Pontneddfechan. It was starting to get quite sunny, but somewhat chilly, and I had a very enjoyable half hour, before returning home and a big breakfast.

There is certainly a lot I need to do to get fit, I am able to cycle 40 miles or so, but at my own very sedate pace. What I need is to be, I nearly said rounded there,( I am round enough !) is more flexible, and adaptable, able to cope with all types of exercise. More stamina, and endurance so,, a hard road is ahead of me. I can confirm the latter, as today, the day after, while I continue to type this post, my left leg is extremely sore from the exertions I put it to in the gym yesterday. Walking down stairs, was quite painful.

My next visit to “Train Station”, will have to be tomorrow morning! What an unfit wimp!


The river at Pontneddfechan.

The river at Pontneddfechan.

6 thoughts on “Got my act together today, well a little bit, anyway.

  1. bribikes says:

    Before I started biking, I used to run on a treadmill…it wasn’t fun. I felt a sense of accomplishment after I was done but while I was running every step was pure boredom. So the fact that you powered through an entire indoor routine is very impressive to me. And your post was very fun to read as well 🙂

  2. tootlepedal says:

    Very good for keeping going in spite of the ladies. You’ll begin to see a difference in a year or so. Keep it up!

  3. welshcyclist says:

    That’s great to hear, kepp tootling

  4. andrew walker says:

    I do hope this is not what is called a “mid-life crisis”

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