Why retire, when commuting is so enjoyable?


September 16, 2020 by welshcyclist

This last week or two I have been doing my part commute to and from work on my Jamis Sputnik single speed bike.

It has been a revelation, riding the single speed is just how the aficionados describe it. At one with the bike, in complete control. Well I felt it so, except on the couple of short hills I contend with. No gears mean I almost come to a stop as I crest them, but as yet I have only had to get off and push once. How on earth did I manage, just a short three years or so ago, when I would use the Sputnik to commute the full round trip of 20 miles each way?

I wish I could get back to doing that regularly, but I will have to take it slowly, not that I ride very quickly at all lol. Currently, I am back on my trusty Pioneer tourer. I have just got it back on the road(towpath) again.

After this happened:

Amazingly the rim of my rear tyre exploded, probably due to me inserting too much air pressure using my faulty pump, double dooda!! It also caused a longitudinal split in my very expensive tyre. I think you can see it in the photo OK?

This mishap meant I had to get a new back wheel. I got one off Tredz website and had it delivered free plus £10 discount via a voucher I received online. Bargain. Now all I had to do was transfer my gears and fit a tyre (possibly a new one) with the undamaged under armour insert and inner tube.


Just called up images of me huffing and puffing trying to get it all done properly. When I installed the under armour insert alone it took me an hour and a half at least.

What should I do?

I rang Tredz shop and took my old back wheel and new one to their repair counter. After explaining what I needed done, he said there would be a £5 charge and he would do it while I waited. I watched in awe from my side of the counter as first he removed the gears complete in seconds, then the tyre, insert and inner tube in a couple of minutes. Noting the insert he admitted it may take a little longer than he expected, so I said I’d go and have a coffee in the instore cafe ( sounds so american ), plus a piece of cake.

Returning to the repair counter, there was my new tyre complete with gears, inner tube, and insert ready to roll. I was worried about the longitudinal split in the tyre, the repairman said ideally I should replace it, but it should be OK to ride under decreased pressure.

Well here’s my Pioneer back up to speed:

There is the split
Ready to roll.

So for one day I did my part commute on my Pioneer, and boy was it hard work, after the that very free feeling on my Jamis. I do believe I was slower travelling on my Pioneer? Though it was easier on the way home. My bicycle computer is not working.

But with the weather so nice, it is a joy to pedal to and from work.

Retirement is beckoning, but I enjoy my work, and getting to and from there so very much on my bikes.

I reckon I’ll keep rolling for some time yet.


2 thoughts on “Why retire, when commuting is so enjoyable?

  1. tootlepedal says:

    That was good getting such excellent service. I hope that everything continues to go well.

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