How do you great bloggers manage to post daily?


July 14, 2022 by welshcyclist

No doubt discipline and resolution. This makes me both ill disciplined and irresolute.

I try to read my favourite blogger, tootlepedal, on a daily basis but am lagging behind by almost a month on his excellent posts.

Today, I am going to try and bring my cycling situation up to date for anyone out there who may be interested.

Up until an accident that led to a badly twisted knee, I regularly commuted 20 miles each way to and back from my signal box. After a total knee replacement in my left leg last year and several months later I started to commute at least half that distance as often as I could.

Sadly, because of inadequate bendability in the new knee, I had to adapt my faithful Raleigh Pioneer tourer and install an eccentric pedal. Though this was very successful problems with my right knee slowed everything down. I wasn’t able to commute properly until I was able to install a more sturdy eccentric pedal and SwytchBike e-bike conversion on my old Jamis Sputnik singlspeed bike. The eccentric pedal and SwytchBike motorised front wheel (which adds a load of weight plus a 1 kg battery) is a breeze to cycle.

Though I am still not commuting regularly, due to a debacle of an affair trying to get solid tyres added to the Sputnik, I have returned to pneumatic tyres. I ride regularly up and down the Neath and Nedd fechan valleys, staying close to home, because I suffer quite serious paranoia about suffering a puncture out riding. My Raleigh Pioneer tyres are practically bomb proof with Tannus under armour inserts under 700 x 44c tyres protecting the inner tubes, while the Sputnik only has 700 x 25c Zafarelli tyres to protect its inner tubes. Making them far too vulnerable. Unfortunately, the only option for better protection was solid Tannus tyres. However advice given by both SwytchBike and Tannus proved disastrously wrong as far as my pocket is concerned. Spending a lot of money for no material gain to my cycling. One pedal forward ten back!!

I have a lot to be thankful for at least I can pedal, and with new contacts I am hopeful of being able to convert my Raleigh Pioneer to pedal assist also.

Still loads to post but no time. You all have a great day, and I’ll try to continue ASAP.


One thought on “How do you great bloggers manage to post daily?

  1. tootlepedal says:

    I am really sorry to hear about your struggles with the solid tyre. I didn’t attempt to fit mine but got the bike shop to do it for me. Having said that, the Schwalbe marathons have done me proud on my road bike for several years without a puncture. (A foolish thing to say, I realise. I am bound to get a puncture now.) Keep pedalling.

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