Finally got to do a commute…….


January 14, 2011 by welshcyclist

Yes I fixed my puncture, new tube and tyre required, as I said in my post last Sunday.

Didn't have a patch big enough...

          Not pretty pictures. Why the tyre ripped by the rim I’ve no idea, but obviously once the tyre had exposed the tube to the rim, it was only a question of time before it blew.                                                               

Can’t figure why tyre ripped here…..


Sunday night’s forecast was for freezing temperatures overnight, plus the car was already frozen with ice, when I went to bed, so I decided not to ride, next day. Only to find heavy rain and temperatures of 7 degrees centigrade, next morning, but, too late to ride into work. Which was frustrating. Monday night I was determined to ride Tuesday. Sadly, morning found me oversleep, too much on my mind, again it was too late to pedal.

Wednesday, I finally managed to get up in time to do my commute thing, whey hey!

It was fantastic, despite the fact I was soaked through, before halfway. My time on the Subway is just so special to me, I can’t explain the relaxed feeling I get, during and after my ride, it lasts all day long, and the return trip has just as great an influence on my mood, persona, way of looking at things, the list of benefits goes on and on. MrDaveyGie, gave a terrific quote in his blog, , that partially sums it up. Anyway, it was so good to be back doing the commute, and I felt great.  Even though I had a severe soaking all the way home. Which gives me chance to sing the praise of newspapers, they’re not just for fish and chips, why oh why, did I just say that? But stuffing my Tuff boots with them ensured they were dry by the time of my return trip home. Thursday, I was off work, but wanted to get to ride once more, but unlike me, I overslept again! I had wanted to get up at 06.00., but after hearing my youngest son depart for work at 05.30, was out of it until 09.15.

Had to go shopping with her indoors.

Today, Friday, once again I failed to muster, no ride. Loads of non bike things on my mind, everything getting on top of me at the moment. Really starting to panic now about my goal of losing weight, by my 60th. So much so, while shopping yesterday, I actually bought sensible food, Greek yoghurt, blueberries, other fruits etc., and tried some for breakfast. Tasted lovely, but was starving all day, only had a sandwich at lunchtime, you can probably hear my stomach screaming at me now. Here’s a picture of what I had.

Healthy stuff...

I feel much lighter already, or should that be lightheaded?

Hopefully, I’ll be riding second thing in the morning, I’ve got to take number 2 son to work by 06.30., so should be on the bike by 07.30 for a couple of hours, fingers crossed……

One thought on “Finally got to do a commute…….

  1. That is indeed a puncture! You made a right mess of that! Glad you’re back out again mate.

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