Took my time today…..

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September 8, 2011 by welshcyclist

The Aberavon river swans.

Pedalled into Port Talbot for 08.00, in order to catch the 08.45 train to Cardiff for a management/union meeting, which went extremely well, and meant I was back in Port Talbot for 13.00, and ready to cycle home. Despite the rain I took the scenic/coastal route. I decided to take photos of what I saw, the first was the swans above swimming as a unit, in military style, officer( dad, the drake) at the front, sargeant(mum, the pen) at the rear with the squaddies(cygnets) lined up in the middle. Forgive me Clive, if that’s nothing militarylike. The tide was coming in and they wanted to go upstream, but the tide hadn’t come in enough for them to get over the weir, shown below.
The weir

 If you can see there’s a cormorant diving about in the foam, who was annoying the drake, and he kept chasing him off. Quite comical really. Great to see all six cygnets are nearly full grown now. 

I’ve calle this post “Took my time today..”, truth is I didn’t have much choice, five minutes or so after stopping to admire the swans, I was cycling along the seafront into a vicious headwind, when I saw a girl fall off her bike coming the other way. I stopped and asked if she was OK, she was pretty shook up, she really took a bash, but no blood or broken bones, probably her ego was damaged most. We took a look at her bike, to find her plastic pedal had split and slid off the spindle. She had cycled from Briton Ferry, so it would have been a long slow walk back, but I was able to force the casing back on, and with not too much pressure on the one pedal, she was able to cycle. Hopefully it got her home.

I pedalled further along the front only to be stopped by a woman with a young child whose car had broken down, she’d left her mobile phone at home, and asked to use mine. She had to make several calls, to find someone able to come out to assist her, and I was on my way again. While this was going on the girl on the bike had pedalled past, and was out of sight, I was going her way but never saw her again, so the temporary repair must have held up, again “what a maniac?”

After travelling through Neath I found the going tough, not just the wind, but I believe I was beginning to bonk, only had a snack at the signalbox at 08.15, and nothing since, now it was 14.10.New born calf 

After toiling up the hill at Aberdulais, I was greatful to notice this new born calf tiny, next to mum, who gave me a warning look as I got out my mobile camera, not a very good shot but my reader should be able to make him/her out if they zoom in.
Next stop was the waterfall at Ynysarwed, where a tree had come down across the waterfall.

Victim of the winds or water? Maybe both.

 I finally got home, soaking wet at about 15.20, and really tired, but I soon perked up after her indoors made me a couple of cheese and pickle sandwaiches and a piece of her boiled cake, which were consumed with relish, sorry pickle!

Must be off to bed now, up early for the dayshift tomorrow, which reminds me, I hope my light batteries are up to the job, it’s now black at 04.00 a.m., hope the rain’s not too heavy, and the paper stuffed into my boots has dried them out. We’ll see in the morning.

Cheers for now.  



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