How does the saying go? As sweet as a nut?


March 27, 2016 by welshcyclist

Had to take my Pioneer back to Halfords, for a third time. The gears had continued slipping making pedalling a complete misery. The mechanic who has been dealing with me, gave me a run down of what could be the problem, perhaps the rear cassette needed changing , the rear derailleur, or even the chain? I told him that if he changed the chain it would be the third new one he had put on in the last week, in his attempts to correct the problem.

“Best leave it with me, and I’ll get it sorted”, he said. I left reminding him I am the owner of Halfords bike care plan. He replied, my bike would be ready Thursday. Two days without my Pioneer, not good!

When I got home, I got my single speed out of the shed, and decided to make it ready in order to keep commuting on it, while my Pioneer was being fixed. I started to pump up the tyres, but it went pop! The inner tube had burst. It was getting dark and had started to rain, so I just put everything back in the shed, and decided I would have to take the car to and from work.

Thursday arrived, I rang Halfords, to be told yes my bike was on the work stand, but as the mechanic would not be in till 11.30 they were unaware if the bike had been fixed, so best I ring back later. In the end, I got a call from the mechanic later that day to say my Pioneer was ready. When I called at the shop, said mechanic was on a meal break, so I spoke with a young girl behind the counter. My bike was on the work stand behind her, I could see it had both a new derailleur and cassette in place, The Halfords assistant went through the invoice telling me what had been done to my Pioneer. A new cassette, check, a new derailleur, check, a new chain, check, and I was being charged for the cassette, but no that was credited back, the new chain, again credited back, the new derailleur at £29.17 and labour £15.00, giving a total of £44.17 to pay.I quickly pointed out that as a bike care plan customer there should be no charge to me for labour.

At this point she went off to consult with the mechanic, who was still on his meal break. When she came back she apologised for the mechanic who had forgotten that I was a bike care plan customer. Then, after a long very complicated spell on the till, she finally produced a correct bill of £29.17 for the new derailleur.

I paid said amount, and walked out of Halfords with yet another new chain, plus a shiny new cassette and a brand new derailleur. I can only assume that when my bike had been in originally, for its Silver Service, my mechanical friend had failed to pick up the wear and tear of both those items, and had decided to compensate for that error by providing me with a shiny bright brand new nine speed cassette. Brilliant.

Time was getting on, and as I had both her indoors and one of my sons in the car, I did not take my Pioneer for a spin, to test it out. Yes, that could have been a great mistake, but happily it all worked out fantastically well.

Next day, Good Friday, I took her for a spin down and back up this valley I call home, everything was as sweet as a nut, I felt my bike had been rejuvenated, and was brand new. What’s more the sun was shining, the birds were singing. I saw my first kingfisher of the year at Pont Nedd Fechan, also a pair of nuthatches in the woods there. Were they looking for a sweet nut?

All in all a great day, really fantastic pedal, and some sort of faith restored in Halfords.







4 thoughts on “How does the saying go? As sweet as a nut?

  1. tootlepedal says:

    I am very glad that it has turned out well in the end….and a kingfisher too.

  2. bribikes says:

    Your mechanical issue turned out to be quite the saga, whew! Hoping the best for you now that everything is solved 🙂

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