I think I bonked…….


March 18, 2016 by welshcyclist

Had a few enjoyable commutes at the start of the week, even though my chain, every now and then, slips annoyingly. Doesn’t appear to be in any kind of set pattern, or on any particular cogs??? Will have to sort out sooner than later, any suggestions what could be the cause of this, my dear reader?

I was day shift Monday, and Tuesday, having a great time pedalling to and from work, Wednesday morning, too, was fantastic, and I really seemed to fly to work. BUT! There’s always a but, isn’t there?

The pedal home in the evening was very unhappy. I just seemed to run out of steam, energy, whatever you want to call it. From Aberdulais, the last 10 miles, was miserable, and I thought it would never end, what’s more, the trip took me, according to my Garmin watch, 1 hour 53 minutes!! There was a bit of a headwind gusting down the valley, and the traffic had been slow going through Neath, seemed to stop at every set of traffic lights. But that is really slow, even for this extremely slow cyclist, who sees the back wheel of every other cyclist flying past, en route. Speed is not my thing, but taking so much time is different, and frustrating.

No matter how I tried, I could not get my pedals to go faster, the hills were a great struggle, and I had to resort to the granny gears. In fact, as I rode through Glynneath itself, wending the final three quarters of a mile to home, I remained in those granny gears. If I hadn’t done so, I might well be still pedalling. Did I bonk?

That’s the only explanation, I believe. The day had been long at my signal box, I had been constantly on my feet, I normally have a 20 minute doze during my morning break, but I hadn’t bothered, plus the fact it was my third commute in three days. Perhaps these things add up, and take their toll on this old welshcyclist.

After that experience, even though, I had a short shift on Thursday, I took the car. Once again, sod’s law took over, it was the best day so far this year! Sun splitting the trees, and not a cloud to be seen anywhere in the skies overhead. Even had to get my shades on while driving! Doah!!!

Maybe I had had a bonking experience, but I was soon itching to get back in the saddle. It just upsets my day, if I don’t manage to get a pedal.


5 thoughts on “I think I bonked…….

  1. bugnut47 says:


    If your chain is slipping (normally under pressure\load) it means the wear of the chain and the chain ring are incompatible, have you just fitted a new chain? if so then the chain rings or cassette are to worn for the new chain. It may settle down but if it does not then it will be a new bits, I would also suggest finding a new bike shop, Halfords don’t have a good reputation



    • welshcyclist says:

      Hi Tim,

      Yes, a new chain was fitted, I am not sure how old my cassette and chain rings are, I’ll be giving it a check over tomorrow. Sadly, Halfords do stink when it comes to repairs etc.. I am definitely on the lookout for a proper local bike shop with a good mechanic. Thanks for dropping by, cheers.

  2. tootlepedal says:

    I agree. The general rule is to change the chain and cassette at the same time. Regarding the bonking, lack of the right amount of nutrition might explain it as might lack of hydration…..or it could be creeping old age. Good luck with that! I am still trying to find a solution.

    • welshcyclist says:

      20 years ago it might have been called creeping old age, but currently it feels more like a rush! Where does the time go? The only time, I seem, to have is time to remember what I should have done and then failed to, on a daily basis. Like, I have to sort out my Pioneer, but still haven’t done so. Cheers tootlepedal.

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