Ouch spells physio…


July 5, 2021 by welshcyclist

It’s just over three weeks since I had a TKR, for the uninitiated that is a “Total Knee Replacement”. So the old left knee has gone and a brand knee one made of modern plastics and steel type alloys is now in situ.

Even the scar is fading.

As the above picture shows it is amazing, what a great job our wonderful NHS has done for me.

Recuperation and recovery is much harder work than lying there listening to the surgeon (Mr Andrew Davies) while he wielded a scalpel and what sounded like saw, hammer and chisels. Honestly, I could hear what was going on, but thanks to modern drugs and a spinal injection, I didn’t feel a thing.


From day one after the op I was encouraged to move the knee and walk. I had to stay in hospital over the weekend, because my op was on a Friday, and no physio staff work weekends. It was probably the longest most boring weekend I have ever had to endure. The ward was boiling, all sunward facing windows and air conditioning or fans for that matter. My stay coincided with a heatwave. On top of that, no visitors allowed because of the pandemic

Though boring it meant I could get on with my post op exercises. I felt I was really making good progress, being able to bend the knee almost to 90 degrees. Sadly that progress slowed almost to a stop, as when I came home my knee swelled making it impossible to do exercises and then a slight infection exacerbated the situation. The last two weeks has, however, seen me able to go to physio. Last week I was only able to bend the knee 60 degrees, but a week of exercising and walking up and down our street has seen that improve to 70 degrees. My physio was pleased with the improvement and, I must admit I was well chuffed, not dreaming things had improved at all.

Just had a quick dander up and down the street and a walk down Dr Thomas’ Lane.

I thought tootlepedal, my favourite blogger, might like this fine tree.

The trunk has a surprisingly wide girth, which means it has been there for a good few years. I haven’t ventured up the lane at all this year. Usually, after a pedal down and back up this Neath Valley, I’d cycle on up and back down this lane just for the joy of continuing to pedal.

A sturdy tree.

Well I’ve surprised myself actually posting this blog. I’d like to think I’ll have a lot more items of interest to report in the coming months.


4 thoughts on “Ouch spells physio…

  1. Edmund Murray says:

    Good to hear that your new knee is doing OK, although doubtless you have been through some tough times to get there, knee replacement surgery being notoriously painful. My brother in law, a very polite chap usually, had a new knee a few years ago & was still a bit disinhibited by the anaesthetic and painkillers when the surgeon came round to check him the next day, asking “did you run over my knee with a f***ing truck ?!” Many apologies later. Hope things go well for you. Edmund.

    • welshcyclist says:

      Fingers crossed, thanks. I have to curb my tongue on times, getting it to bend is painful. Having a physio to warm it up gently first is fabulous. I know now why professional footballers are able to come back so quickly after serious damage. Simply money, trainer, physio, masseuse etc all at their disposal. Cheers.

  2. tootlepedal says:

    Good looking knee, good looking tree. I can bend my tin knee ninety degrees now but it took me a long time. Keep working at the exercises and don’t get too impatient.

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