Yet another level of wetness……


October 3, 2010 by welshcyclist

Cycled home on my commute this morning in total darkness and continuing downpours of the wet stuff. One thing about Sunday mornings between 05.30 and 07.00 is very little traffic. That meant the pedal through Briton Ferry and Neath saw no tourrettes’ episodes whatsoever, no drivers intent on doing me harm, or at the very least seeing how close they could get to me, without actually running into me and my Subway.

Waterproof ? Jacket.

By the time I’d reached Neath centre, I was totally soaked through and my boots were squelching withe each pedal stroke. I did see three other cyclist, hardy souls, like myself all kitted up for the inclement weaather, not a hello from any of them, why are other cyclist such miserable sods? After Cadoxton and Aberdulais my route gets more countryish, as I start to travel up the Neath valley proper, my lights were needed big time, because the sky showed very little sign of dawn, and the downpour continued. Didn’t see any other vehicle on the road for the next 9 miles, not until I arrived in Glynneath. It was quite eerie, but I enjoy the solitude, and solace that pedalling at such times provides.

The rain seems to give me extra energy, it keeps me cool, refreshed, up for the challenge of the hills and the stiffening breeze blowing down the valley into my face. Once again the ride was just so enjoyable, “liberating” to use Clive’s word when he became carfree yesterday.

The major problem for me is the actual arrival home. I hate to flow into the kitchen via the backdoor and soak the floor, because I’m dripping wet. So I go into my little shed, that’s bunged up with anything and everything, that her indoors decides, and I quote, “can go in the shed” and which I dutifully find somewhere to stack.

Organised chaos.

There’s a old carpet on the floor so I take my boots off, and empty the water out the door, then I set up a drying contraption to hang my gloves, socks, woolly hat and “waterproof ?” jacket on. Then clad only in my cycling underwear, I make the two step dash out of the shed, through the continuing rainfall into the kitchen, dry my feet, then trudge upstairs for a shower. Doah ! I could have stayed outside for that !

That's my paraffin heater.

I titled my last post, “That’s what I call rain…”, obviously I haven’t a clue, because this morning it reached another level of wetness, I think I’ve been monsooned.

Tipsy the cat was out in the monsoon as well!

Just one worrying, and I suppose unavoidable, aspect of this morning’s commute, my feet got a tad cold in my water sodden boots ! Yes winter is on it’s way %&*?@~!!

I’m just going to attempt to manoeuvre some shots of my shed into this here post. 

For the next two weeks I’m on annual leave, not going away as such, just spending some time with her indoors to go here, there and hither.  Unfortunately I’ve heard my least favorite word a few times i.e.,…” DECORATING”, honestly I am the worst, most impatient decorator you’d wish (not) to meet, I need diversionary tactics urgently.

Meanwhile, the Subway is booked into Halfords, tomorrow morning, for a service. The disc brakes need professional attention, and the gears are slippng occasionally, I’ve got their Bikecare agreement, so all it’ll cost is the price of parts.

I’d love to take the Subway to a proper bikeshop, but a service starts at £50 plus parts and labour. They’d probably laugh at my bike, as well, there’s alot of bike snobbery out there.

4 thoughts on “Yet another level of wetness……

  1. Ah, decorating, I don’t do it. I hate it. Wifey loves it and is good at it, so we have reached an amicable arrangement. The last decorating I did was in our old house where I fitted a completely new kitchen. It nearly came to divorce! One small victory for male kind I think.

    • welshcyclist says:

      Even though I’m recognised as the family idiot, I’m still expected to do the decorating. I’m running out of options here fast, where is a diversionary tactic when you need one? If I trash the job, I’ll never live it down, not only will I have to live with the consequences of bubbled wallpaper, and smudged scurtain ( gosh Is that the way you spell it ? ) boards etc., you know the fairer sex never forgets anything.

  2. That sounds like a long old bike ride to and from work. Im pleased to see my shed isnt the only one around that looks like a junk pile though. I also have everything in there, although for my one its more of a case of I hate to chuck stuff away in case in 100 years time I may have a use for it. In fact Im considering building a small extension to the back of it where I can put the bikes – its just Im a lousy DIY’er and its bound to fall down or something.

    • welshcyclist says:

      Check on the lousy DIYer, I’m afraid there’s only one possible winner, or should that be loser, ME! As far as throwing stuff out is concerned, well I am an expert, her indoors is always looking for stuff that I just don’t see the point of, like paint brushes, hammers, screwdrivers and so on. Sad fact is though, she always has one to put in my hand when she wants something DIYey done. Now I really like the idea of erecting ( short term, obviously ) an extension onto my shed. We could have a contest to see who’s falls down first.

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