Excellent commute….


October 19, 2010 by welshcyclist

Cycled in for my nightshift yesterday evening, still sticking to the one gear, even though I had the Subway loaded  up with fresh food, clothes etc., for work. The hills gave me no problem, but my speed seemed slow. The Bikehut computer has imploded again, that’s the replacement Halfords gave me, after the original broke down? Enjoyed the ride very much.

The trip home this morning was great and even better, I seemed to have lots of energy, even rising out of the saddle on the hills to accelerate, is that me? I ask myself? Stayed in the same gear all the way. I need to know what fixed gear to get, when I choose a singlespeed bike, because I’m enjoying the rides so much better without changing gears. There’s no doubt, at all, that my legs stay fresher, when I don’t change gears.

Why is that? It seems strange to me, but it is a fact?

Here’s some info about the last 24 hours.

Mileage:            40 +                Riding Time:         2 hrs 55 mins        

Breakfast:                  Beans on toast

Lunch:                        Home made soup

Evening meal:         Curry and rice ( much smaller portion than usual )

Breakfast:                  Bran Flakes with breakfast sprinkle

Clive’s core exercises:      10 press ups, 10 not very good sit ups, one plank, and I haven’t found the dumbells yet.

Talking of exercising, I find that I can do leg raises, the ones where you raise your legs a few inches off the floor, and hold for ages, but sit ups I can only manage to get my shoulders a few inches off the floor. Does that mean that my lower abs are stronger than my upper? Or is my torso way heavier than my legs, I mean disproportionately so?   

Anyway, I’m off for a nap now, before I repeat the whole process, well from the lunch bit, anyway.


3 thoughts on “Excellent commute….

  1. Nick says:

    This is weird; there’s you in hilly Wales sticking to just one gear in preparation for buying a single-speed bike (NOT a fixie, I trust), while here’s me in flat-as-a-billiard-table Holland with no fewer than 27 speeds on my day-to-day transport – and I use at least 6 of them every time I get on the bike!

    I simply can’t imagine riding a single-speed bike – I haven’t done so since I was, I think, eleven years old when my single speed Rudge, bought 2nd hand when I was 8, was traded in for a 3-speed (sturmey archer) equipped Raleigh something-or-other to get to secondary school on.

    • welshcyclist says:

      What’s wrong with a fixie then? I’ve read a little about them, and also flip-flop hubs, before I take the plunge I’ve got to ask alot of questions,

  2. Keep on mate, you’re doing great!

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